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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


As Southern California enters its second day of unseasonably warm weather, firefighters are bracing for wildfires (1); even as Wildfire News of the Day subscriber Rich Brooks, a reporter for the San Bernardino Press-Enterprise, reports on a 100-acre wildfire that burned on the outskirts of Riverside yesterday (2); where two firefighters were injured (3). Firefighters will be doing preventative burns in Douglas County, Nevada, today (4); while firefighters declared victory over Boulder County, Colorado's, most recent wildfire (5). Residents of Wyoming, preparing for the winter to come, are offered several options by the Powder River Ranger District (6); and the Mississippi State Forester has recommended that the governor lift the statewide burn ban due to increased rainfall, though 17 counties will still retain it for now (7). A new National Fire Protection Agency report provides some insight into wildfires across the US (8). Despite the lateness of the year, Portugal is still having some problems with wildfires in Bendada, Aldeias, Vale de Azares, and Rapa (9). Contrary to the practice politicians often follow invoking natural disasters as part of their campaigning, some politicians in Victoria, Australia, have decided to forgo that practice (10); although not everybody is abiding by that rule, as the next article shows (11). Department of Environment and Conservation firefighters had bushfires to deal with in the vicinity of John Forrest National Park in Western Australia yesterday (12). And finally, wildfire arson investigators scouring the countryside for arsonists need to remember one important tip: don't forget to check closets, too!

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