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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


As a wildfire that has burned 150 acres near Lake Isabella reaches 75% containment, Kern County Fire Department is trying to locate a potential arsonist who ignited the blaze, one of four burning in that Southern California county (1); but with relative calm on the local front, Oregon firefighters deployed to help with wildfires out of state (2). Arizona's governor declared an emergency, freeing up $200,000 in state funds and opening the State Emergency Operations Center to help with Arizona's raging wildfires (3); even as the blazes threatened more mountain towns with destruction (4); and US Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell discussed the 2,500 federal firefighters dispatched to those wildfires (5); while the next article pays tribute to air-tankers battling blazes in Arizona (6); followed by a video segment that shows how thinning of trees can reduce wildfire damage in that state (7); even as the Coronado National Forest implemented closures due to wildfires (8); but with an eye on wildfires already burning in that state, firefighters in Tucson are dreading fireworks sales as Fourth of July approaches (9); followed by some useful tips on checking homeowners' insurance before the wildfires arrive (10). New Mexico is being impacted by smoke from the Arizona wildfires, something which is disrupting aircraft flights (11). Some Colorado firefighters are heading to Arizona to help with the massive blazes burning there (12); while a 50-acre wildfire that sparked in Park County over the weekend has nearly been extinguished (13); but the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued warnings about wildfire smoke in the Aspen area (14); and a spokesman for the Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center stated that the Front Range is experiencing a high degree of fire danger at the moment (15). Firefighters were able to prevent a 60-acre wildfire from reaching homes in Moab, Utah (16). A 200-acre wildfire was reported in Western Travis County, Texas (17); while in Southeast Texas, wildfires have scorched upwards of 10,000 acres over the past month, where rainfall was welcome, but dry lightning was not (18); and the exploits of an S-64 helicopter over Texas wildfires is provided by the next article (19). Smoke from a 600-acre wildfire burning in Baldwin County, Alabama, is causing a navigational hazard on nearby roads (20); but having sparked a 1,000-acre wildfire in Jefferson County by conducting an illegal debris burn, a man has been arrested by Alabama Forestry Commission officials (21). A commentator from the Cato Institute takes aim at the Assistance to Firefighter Grants Program, something which is vital to small fire departments (22). Officials in North Carolina believe that a pair of arsonists have been igniting blazes in Onslow County (23); while a video segment provides information on a wildfire that has been burning in Pains Bay for over a month (24). Although wildfire season is officially over, South Carolina Forestry Commission is warning residents of that state that the danger still exists (25); and some people got unwelcome wildfire smoke from blazes to the south (26). A firefighter was bitten by a rattlesnake while grappling with the massive wildfire burning in Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp (27); while a 2,000-acre wildfire that threatened dozens of homes in Florida's Goethe State Forest is slowly being contained (28). Cooler weather and the efforts of firefighters battling a 4,400 ha wildfire in Alberta, Canada, have allowed evacuees to return home (29). Russia reports that 234 wildfires covering a total of 1.5 million acres are burning in Siberia at the moment (30); even as raging forest fires in the Irkutsk district cut power to local towns, prompting officials to employ convicts to help fight the blazes (31). Heading to Australia, public workshops in New South Wales are helping homeowners learn how to better protect their homes from bushfires (32); but nearly a dozen homeowners whose property was destroyed by bushfires in Lake Clifton, Western Australia, now have to work with the insurance company to get compensated since the state will not do so (33). And finally, be careful when you get enthusiastic about killing weeds - you could set fire to neighbor's houses!

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