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Saturday, June 23, 2012


UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability Center for Climate Change Solutions has just unveiled a new study that shows that temperatures in Southern California are going to get very hot over the next few decades (1). An article from Arizona cites 16 computerized climate models which indicate that wildfires will be on the rise (2); meanwhile, officials in the Tonto national Forest were concerned about four primary causes of wildfires in their neck of the woods (3). Realtors have joined the chorus of politicians and residents of Ruidoso, New Mexico, incensed with the US Forest Service response to the Little Bear Fire (4). Colorado's governor signed three emergency bills which authorize millions of dollars in additional funds for firefighters battling wildfires across the state (5); even as fire managers diverted air-tankers from the massive High Park Fire to help battle a cabin fire which has become a wildfire outside of Estes Park (6); and a 150-acre blaze is also burning in El Paso County (7); while a 2,500-acre wildfire continues to grow in Montezuma County (8); and two of the most scenic tourist areas in the state were threatened by blazes as well (9); followed by a National Public Radio segment that examines how mitigation now could pay off on wildfires of the future (10); while the effort to get health insurance for wildland firefighters is once again broached by the next article (for more information on the petition at the heart of this movement, click here) (11); but on a more light-hearted note, the Village People plan to put on a benefit for wildfire survivors at the Sky Ute Casino Resort in Ignacio (12). A wildfire which has blazed across 9 mi.² south of Salt Lake City, Utah, has displaced 2,300 people (13); and a few others with four legs as well (14); while residents have been asked to restrict water usage to allow firefighters to have enough to fight the fire (15); but in the meantime, the governor feels that too many wildfires are being started by target shooting (16). A former Oklahoma state forest ranger has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for starting dozens of wildfires (17); while the Texas Forest Service will be given the National Interagency Fire Center's prestigious Pulaski Award for its efforts in battling wildfires across the state in 2011 (18); the next article profiling the efforts of the Kansas National Guard air units helping with the wildfires in Colorado (19). Although parts of Iowa received drenching rains recently, the state fire marshal still cautioned residents about the wildfire danger as fuel dries out (20). The Tennessee Department of Agriculture reported a 55-acre wildfire in Blount County (21); but an Op-Ed piece by a gunsmith from that state disputes the theory that target shooters are starting wildfires in the West (22). Fire officials worried that smoke from the 22,000-acre wildfire burning in North Carolina's Croatan National Forest may mix with fog, making driving conditions much more dangerous in the area (23); while the Alaska Fire Service reported progress on a 2,600-acre wildfire burning near Allakaket (24). After nearly 1,000 lightning strikes from a passing storm Friday, several wildfires have been reported in Canada's Yukon (25); and a 500-hectare wildfire has been reported north of Deline, Northwest Territories (26). Forest experts at Lebanon's Institute of the Environment at Balamand University warned that 2012 may be a challenging fire season for that Middle Eastern nation (27). A Hindu pilgrimage was interrupted by a wildfire in Jammu, India (28); while a total of 18 wildfires have scorched 7,000 acres of land in the Indian Ocean nation of Sri Lanka over the past two weeks (29). Two articles originated on the island of Borneo in the Far East: Wildfire activity in Sarawak, Malaysia, continues to make the news (30); and firefighters battled wildfires in the districts of Tutong and Belait, Brunei, as well (31). There are fears in Victoria, Australia, that 400 job cuts at the Department of Sustainability and Environment could jeopardize that state's bushfire preparedness (32). And finally, many people have drawn parallels between military life and firefighting - teamwork, respect for the chain of command, the maturity of the personnel involved - but here's one more: caloric requirements!

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