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Friday, January 11, 2013


A columnist rails against practices that endanger Southern California's Angeles National Forest from wildfires (1); while additional plaintiffs have signed on to a class-action suit against construction firms deemed responsible for starting Washington state's Taylor Bridge Fire last August (2). Even though recent storms have saturated Arizona's Rim Country, the wildfire danger still persists (3). Florida Forest Service indicated that 88 wildfires burned 340 acres in Nassau County last year (4); and expect a normal fire season this year in Highlands County (5). Farmers in the African nation of Ghana's Sang district have been hard-hit by bushfires that have scorched thousands of acres (6); and fire crews in Canterbury, New Zealand, have had a busy time with bushfires as well (7). A retrospective on the calm before the bushfire storm in Australia is provided by the next article (8); where three states have invoked total burn bans (9); and the success of the "Prepare, Act, Survive" policy in saving lives despite the massive number of recent blazes is examined by the one that follows (10); while a series of letters to the editor discuss the response to those bushfires (11); the rising number of bushfires (and consequently rising insurance premiums) putting plans for a national disaster insurance scheme under scrutiny (12); and exactly how much CO2 has been emitted by the blazes to date? (13) A New Zealand expatriate is prepared for the worst if bushfires near her home in Warrnambool, Victoria (14). With nearly 100 bushfires burning in New South Wales, homeowners are being warned to remain vigilant this weekend (15); current conditions forcing authorities to close state forests across the Central West (16); Rural Fire Service's Rapid Aerial Response Team being credited with saving an elderly man from one blaze (17); residents of Bega Valley offering assistance in housing those displaced by bushfires in the district (18). South Australia's Country Fire Service is advising homeowners to check multiple sources for bushfire info to avoid crashing the CFS server, like what happened to Country Fire Authority's server in Victoria due to 12 million hits during bushfires there (19). Crews from New Zealand continue to help with bushfires in Tasmania (20); where the aftermath of the recent bushfire siege is examined by the next article (21); one firefighter being injured battling a bushfire in the Derwent Valley (22); but recent blazes may simply be a harbinger of things to come as the height of bushfire season approaches (23); the situation not helped by recent arson incidents (24). And finally, the Australian government has found an effective way to prepare for bushfire disasters: invest in mobile payment systems and data matching software!

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