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Saturday, September 11, 2010


The massive gas explosion in San Bruno, California, yesterday destroyed water mains, forcing firefighters to create a hose-lay that stretched for over two miles to fight the resultant wildfire which destroyed dozens of homes (1); as well as injuring four firefighters (2). The role of Ukiah Air-Attack Base air-tankers in battling the blaze is examined by the next item (3). As wildfire season winds down, controlled burns are picking up in Oregon's Deschutes National Forest (4); but a 6,000-acre wildfire has been reported near Quincy, Washington (5); while fire restrictions which have been in place in Nevada since July have finally been lifted due to cooler evening temperatures (6). Firefighters are estimating that the Fourmile Fire, which has destroyed 172 structures and burned 6,400 acres outside of Boulder, Colorado, should be out within 3 to 5 days (7); and have earned the praise of Senator Udall, who toured the area (8). The sticky issue of handoffs where federal firefighters arrive on the scene to relieve volunteers is addressed by the next article (9); and another thorny issue, the problem of retardant-caused fish kills, has reared its ugly head following the Colorado wildfires (10). The next article tells the story of one man who stayed behind to face the fire alone (11); followed by photos and an interview with an Aero-Union air-tanker pilot who has been battling blazes in Colorado (12). Storage giant U-Haul is offering 30 days of free storage to homeowners impacted by the Fourmile Fire (13); which could prove useful, since some people still don't know when they'll be going home (or if there's a home to go to after almost $80 million in property losses), although firefighters felt they finally had a handle on the blaze (14). All but eclipsed by its bigger cousin to the north, a five-acre wildfire that has been reported near Canon City, Colorado, is now 50% contained (15). Wildfire News Of The Day subscriber Mike Rogers, former Supervisor of Angeles National Forest, passed along an article about the changing focus of the USFS in Region 1 (Montana, Idaho, Washington, and the Dakotas) (16); but a diesel pickup truck is assumed to be the source of a wildfire that burned near Laramie, Wyoming (17); and a wildfire that has scorched nearly 4,500 acres in the Bridger-Teton National Forest is finally being doused by precipitation (18); while a number of small wildfires were reported in South Dakota's Black Hills on Friday (19). Two wildfires kept Maryland Forest Service firefighters busy near Eastern Shore yesterday (20); the latest in a series of wildfires that have cropped up in that state so far this month (21). An intense wildfire in Richlands, North Carolina, burned between 30 and 40 acres down to the mineral layer (22); followed by a video from CNN which underscores the dilemma firefighter layoffs due to budget cuts in several states could pose in response time to emergencies (including wildfires) (23). On the technology front, US scientists are studying bioluminescence (think fireflies), isolating the chemicals that could create biodegradable infrared dye for such things as firefighting retardant used in night-flying helicopters (24). Firefighters in Siberia announced that they have completely extinguished the latest wave of Russian wildfires (25); while the Russian government is pushing ahead with the construction of new homes to replace those lost to wildfires in the past few weeks (26). And finally, for those wanting to see air-tankers up close and personal, the joint USFS/CAL FIRE air-attack base at Ramona Airport will be open to visitors on September 18!

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