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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, the MAFFS 2 system is finally being deployed to the Air National Guard C-130 fleet after eight years of development, while an Op-Ed piece from Yakima, Washington, decries the slow pace of reform in safety standards for wildland firefighters. New Mexico is concerned over weather predictions for the next few months after a very dry winter so far, as is Southeast Texas, but firefighters in Texas will have access to detailed weather data that will be updated hourly beginning in March. Some interesting history comes out of Wisconsin, recounting the effects of logging and forest fires on wilderness areas there over the years, followed by one from Malaysia about the inroads Bombardier (of CL-415 Super Scooper fame) is making in Southeast Asia. Singapore has had a marked increase in bushfires since last month, and authorities in Indonesia are vigorously pursuing legal action against farmers and others who have set wildfires in that country. The inquest into the crash of a bushfire pilot in 2006 is underway in Australia, while firefighters in Victoria state have just weathered a series of bushfires during the hottest period for a century in their area. Firefighters in South Australia had a small bushfire brew up as the region is hit with the highest temperatures seen in 100 years there, as well. Finally, it's a case of misdirection as firefighters in Atlanta go to the wrong location while responding to a house fire (then blame it on a computer glitch!)

Bigger ammunition to fight wildfires

Wildland firefighter safety can't wait another six years to clear the House

Weather conditions could mean active wildfire season in coming months

Wildfires pose severe threat throughout Southeast Texas

Specialized forecasts issued for severe wildfire conditions

Logging left its mark on land

Bombardier targets SEA

146 bush fires put out in Jan

Government vows to conduct criminal probe into forest fires

Firefighters finish on top of Vic fires

CFS tackling Farrell Flat grass fire

Southern Australia wilts as worst heatwave in a century hits

Firefighters Responding to House Fire Go to Wrong Address

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