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Saturday, September 12, 2009


We lead off Wildfire News Of The Day with a slideshow, provided by Travis Wyse, of how homeowners were able to fend off encroaching wildfires themselves, following the withdrawal of firefighters, using firefighting equipment provided by Flexible Alternatives Inc. and Fire Pros Inc. Just click on the picture on the right side of the screen to start the slideshow.

In wildfire news, Vice President Joe Biden was among the dignitaries at today's memorial service for the two LA County firefighters who died in the line of duty during the Station Fire; and now that the 125 acre wildfire that burned near Banning is effectively out, arson investigators are backtracking to find out how it started. US Forest Service spokesman Dennis Hurlbert has praised the Martin Mars' effectiveness in fighting Southern California wildfires, and he admits USFS still has some things to learn about how best to employ the aircraft in fighting wildfires; while a Southern Californian's new design for a wildland firefighting truck has failed to stir up much interest from cash-strapped fire departments. A look back at a Southern California wildfire that raged in 1914, long before air-tankers and modern communications aided firefighters, is provided in article from the San Bernardino Press-Enterprise; however quick work by firefighters in the Cleveland National Forest limited a blaze to only 4 acres in the tinder-dry vegetation. Half a dozen wildfires were sparked by lightning in Central California today, two remain out of control, as the next two articles show; and another small wildfire was being attended by firefighters from a variety of agencies. Firefighters in Oregon had just wrapped up one fire when another one broke out; and in a followup to an article in Wildfire NOTD yesterday, government officials in Utah are complaining that their state doesn't appear to be getting wildfire money as quickly as some eastern states, such as Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia, none of which have any national forests! Much-needed rain is expected in the southern United States this weekend, helping parched states like Texas with their fire danger; and one of the consequences of this rain is that a 12-person incident command team from Alabama will get to go home sooner than expected. An injured backpacker set a 4 acre wildfire in Alaska's wilderness in order to attract help; but there's more trouble in paradise, as arson inspectors in Hawaii are convinced they're dealing with an arsonist who has set nine fires in nine days. An arson fire in southern Spain forced firefighters to call in help from the Spanish army to extinguish it. In a sad statistic, less than half a dozen homes have been rebuilt in bushfire-ravaged areas of Victoria, Australia, since the Black Saturday bushfires. Complacency within the New South Wales population looks to be the biggest threat to bushfire preparations in that state; even as the skies of Sydney were darkened by smoke from bushfire burn-offs. An unattended campfire is believed to have sparked a small bushfire in South Australia.

Station Fire - Gold Creek Ranch

Vice President Joe Biden memorializes two firefighters for courage beyond the call of duty

Fire north of Banning extinguished

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Small forest fire starts near Detroit

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Soggy South, but the rain comes as relief in dry Texas

Texas rain brings firefighters home

Man starts wildfire to save his life

Honolulu Officials Call Wildfires Arson

Arsonist starts forest fire that wipes out 520 hectares

Only 5 homes rebuilt since Black Saturday

Start planning now for bushfire season

Burn-offs across the state as bushfire season lurks

Camp fire linked to Riverland bushfire

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