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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Heli-tankers assisted Yakima County firefighters battling a 2,000-acre wildfire near Sunnyside, Washington, yesterday (1); while the question of whether homeowners in fire-prone parts of the West should stay and defend their home or leave it to insurance companies to provide funds for its replacement is examined by the next article (2). Several agencies responded to a forest fire in Huffman, Texas (3); and firefighters are keeping an eye on a 150-acre lightning-sparked wildfire that burned on a film set near Austin (4). Recovery centers will allow Texas wildfire survivors in Cass and Marion counties to meet with state and federal relief officials (5); while residents of Washington and Austin counties will be able to apply for wildfire funds as well (6); even as a new recovery plan unveiled in Bastrop County details the responsibilities of local government agencies in that effort (7). A first-person account of the Texas wildfires blames state and federal austerity measures for making a bad situation worse (8); but power utilities' fear of lawsuits due to powerline-sparked wildfires are proving to be a boon for tree-trimming companies (9); while infrastructure and livestock losses due to the wildfires are estimated to have totaled $152.1 million (10). A press release touts the importance of modern communications in dealing with wildfires in Texas (11); but having just suffered through a terrible wildfire siege, Texas Forest Service has imposed restrictions on hunters to reduce the chance of sparking any more fires (12); while U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul, among others, held meetings to discuss the inordinate amount of red tape and paperwork required to fight wildfires in Texas (13); and in a sign of the declining numbers of US heavy air-tankers, two Canadian air-tankers arrived in Texas to help with raging wildfires (14). Firefighters plan to conduct controlled burns on 4,000 acres in Montana's Lewis and Clark National Forest (15); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Snyder, Senior Vice President of Montana-based Neptune Aviation, discussed their newest mount, a BAe-146 jet air-tanker, which has won approval from USFS to begin fighting wildfires (16). Although firefighters battling the massive blaze in Minnesota's Superior National Forest braced for a windy day, a 60% chance of rain could be helpful in corralling the fire (17); but there was trouble in paradise when Honolulu firefighters fought a wildfire that threatened homes in Oahu's Keolu Hills (18). A look at the financial windfall the slow fire season has brought to British Columbia, Canada, is the focus of the next article (19). Russia's Emergency Ministry reported that firefighters had extinguished 18 forest fires that covered 700 hectares in Siberia (20); while the importance of reflooding peat bogs around Moscow and other areas in the world beset by wildfires is examined in the next article (21). Indonesia's wildfire smoke was once again making for hazy skies over Singapore (22). Heading to Australia, a member of the New South Wales parliament is teaming up with homeowners groups concerned about a new development that could have an adverse impact on bushfires and the environment (23); while the South Australian Opposition announced plans to establish a permanent parliamentary committee to investigate future bushfires (24). Experts in Central Australia fear that abundant grass brought on by heavy rains could lead to firestorms like those of the mid-70's which scorched over 117 million hectares (25); where current bushfires have caused disruptions to rail and road traffic alike (26). And finally, probably everybody has heard of "Snakes on a Plane", but some firefighters in Littleton, Colorado, had an experience with "Snakes at a Fire"!

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