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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Our first article today details the continuing efforts of San Diego Gas & Electric to bill customers for Southern California wildfire expenses SDG&E's insurance did not cover (1); but four Santa Barbara County corporations have paid $17 million to the state in regards to suppression costs on the 2007 Zaca Fire, which burned 228,000 acres (2); while the Kern River Valley Fire Safe Council will be holding a meeting on November 17th to discuss California's new fire fees (3). The Texas Forest Service was honored at the Homeland Security Awards Dinner in Washington DC with a Government Excellence Award for its response to the Bastrop wildfires (4); and although Central Texas received much-needed rainfall, firefighters said that it was still not enough to end the fire season (5); even as the Real Estate Council of Austin announced a fundraiser to benefit wildfire survivors (6). Residents of Ravalli County, Montana, want more say in U.S. Forest Service fire prevention plans after two major wildfires devastated the area this summer (7); while an Op-Ed piece from the Director of Drexel University’s Laboratory of Pinelands Research discusses the value of controlled burns in the New Jersey Pinelands (8). Wildfires which have burned hundreds of acres in Virginia's George Washington National Forest are now 80% contained (9); but the U.S. Forest Service will be setting several controlled burns in North Carolina's Haywood and Burke Counties through the end of this year (10). As summer approaches, Victoria's Fire Services Commissioner reminded homeowners that the safety of those Australians who stayed to defend their homes from bushfires cannot be guaranteed by the fire service (11); where Country Fire Authority warned people living in District 15 of the heightened bushfire danger from abundant fuel (12); and conducted a mock bushfire evacuation of the town of Noojee (13); but Victoria's Emergency Services Minister disputed newspaper stories stating that firefighting aircraft cuts were done for cost-saving reasons (14); while fears are growing that the Murrindindi-Marysville bushfire which killed 40 people on Black Saturday may have been caused by faulty electrical equipment (15). Loans of up to $250,000 are available to Queensland graziers who lost pasture land in recent bushfires (16). A bushfire has been reported in South Australia's Gawler Ranges National Park (17); however, a 10,000-hectare bushfire burning on the Eyre Peninsula poses no threat to structures in the area (18). Investigators have discovered that approximately half the homes destroyed by a bushfire in Western Australia's Perth Hills in February were felled by embers landing on roof-mounted evaporative coolers (19); followed by a radio segment that discusses how people sometimes abandon their emergency plans as bushfires approach (20). And finally, firefighters in India have to add another 'lookout' to their wildfire-fighting hazards: land mines!

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