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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Firefighters in Arizona have several blazes on their hands (1); including the Wallow Fire, which has burned 2,616 acres in the White Mountains (2). The next article takes a look at wildfire activity in and around New Mexico's Gila National Forest (3); even as firefighters in Carlsbad, who have fought 88 wildfires since the beginning of the year, are bracing for more (4). Wildfires in Colorado's Las Animas County have scorched 11,000 acres so far (5); while hopeful firefighter candidates took a 3 mile jog around the College of Southern Idaho to see if they would qualify to fight wildfires for the Bureau of Land Management (6). The next article takes a closer look at the Texas Forest Service, which has already spent $50 million fighting over 10,000 wildfires that have burned 2.7 million acres in that state so far this year (7); and after numerous wildfires, some communities in the Panhandle are considering a fireworks ban as Fourth of July approaches (8); while fire officials commented on the severe drought conditions as they battled a 194-acre wildfire in Montgomery County (9). The next article tackles the thorny problem of wildfire arson in the state of West Virginia, where 321 wildfires have already burned 1,715 acres so far this year (10); the situation dampened a bit by an unusually wet spring (11). Floridians were reminded of the wildfire danger by Gainesville Fire Rescue, which has fought a dozen wildfires in and around that city over the past month (12); while wildfires in Martin County didn't impede highway traffic, although a lack of rain means they will probably keep burning (13); and a wind-driven wildfire in Volusia County kept firefighters busy chasing spot fires ignited by flying embers (14); but residents of the Daytona Park Estates are concerned that they may have a wildfire arsonist at work in their neighborhood (15). A total of 265 wildfires have burned over 100,000 acres in Alaska as the fire season heats up in that state (16); however, as the next article shows, they have some of the coolest toys to light fires of their own! (17) Two dozen Canadian firefighters from British Columbia are being briefed in Whitehorse, Yukon, before heading out to the firelines (18); but a fast-growing wildfire outside of Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan, is forcing the evacuation of communities nearby (19). Firefighters continued to grapple with two major blazes close to the Fort McMurray oilsands as dozens of others burned across Alberta (20); one of them, a 284,000 ha blaze, listed as the worst to be seen for 30 years in that province (21); even as the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association is mounting a campaign to keep the volunteer ranks filled (10,000 of the 13,000 firefighters in that province are volunteers) (22). Bracing for what is projected to be the UK's hottest summer in nearly 400 years, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service provided some cautions to campers to reduce the incidence of wildfires (23); while a 212-hectare wildfire was reported in Italy's La Valle Agordina (24). Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry indicated that 30% of towns and villages in wooded areas are not prepared for wildfires (25). And finally, firefighters in Orange County, California, had a rather unique extrication to perform: getting a cat out of the body of an SUV!

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