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Friday, July 24, 2009


In wildfire news today, climate scientists are postulating that warming oceans in the northeastern Pacific may be contributing to hotter temperatures on land and worsening conditions for wildfires all along North America's Pacific Coast. Over 100 city and county firefighters snuffed out a wildfire in Los Angeles yesterday; while Ventura County Fire Department has put together a comprehensive website for homeowners interested in protecting their property from wildfires. The next article underscores the difficulty in actually proving utilities are responsible for a wildfire; and the fallout from California's budget shortfalls is translating into IOU's as payment for anyone fighting wildfires for the state this summer. An innovative ski resort on the California side of Lake Tahoe has installed screens on its gondola to prevent discarded cigarettes from sparking blazes. Firefighters in Oregon mounted an overwhelming response to a small wildfire; but dozens of wildfires burning in northeastern Washington state have prompted fire agencies to unleash aircraft and fire crews on the blazes. One of three wildfires burning in Central Nevada is contained; and a wildfire near Elko was nearly contained by Thursday night. A wildfire that started in Colorado on Thursday has spread to over 100 acres; and lightning strikes in Utah's Dixie National Forest forced officials to close roads due to the resultant wildfires. A summary of wildfire activity in Idaho is provided by the next article; while a detailed breakdown of firefighting rules in that state (and, presumably, elsewhere in the US) in light of new FEMA restrictions on US Forest Service suppression costs follows. A Montana wildfire briefly threatened homes yesterday; and a wildfire in North Carolina was being attended to by US Forest Service personnel. A warning has been issued to boaters in the vicinity of British Columbia's wildfires to beware of firefighting aircraft dipping into bodies of water (bringing to mind the hilarious opening sequence from the movie 'Always'!) Reduced fire activity in Ontario has allowed fire agencies to send help to neighboring British Columbia, which is besieged by wildfires at the moment; and Manitoba is sending help as well. A snapshot of blazes in Europe (and the government reaction to the French military sparking a wildfire during a live-fire exercise) is provided by the next three items. A look at aerial fire preparations in Greece is provided by the next article (for those who don't speak Greek, the link to the translated version of the article can be read here). Attempting to get a jump on the bushfire season, Australian officials in Victoria are advising residents to do proper vegetation clearance; while an Australian environmental group is conducting a reforestation campaign in bushfire-ravaged Victoria this weekend. Despite the fact that it's winter in New South Wales, Australian fire agencies are putting out bushfire warnings; and memory of the devastation of Victoria by the Black Saturday bushfires (and the realization that it could easily happen in NSW) has spurred a drive for more volunteers for the Rural Fire Service. And finally, a peek behind the scenes at the $1 million-a-year business that is Smokey Bear.

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