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Saturday, October 06, 2012


In Southern California, a profile of San Bernardino International Airport's air-tanker base is provided by our first article today (1); but a wildfire near a homeless camp in Santa Barbara County was quickly squelched by fire crews (2); CAL FIRE providing a brief summary of wildfire activity so far this year, along with a warning that the fire danger is still high (3); and as residents of Mendocino County began receiving fire fee statements in the mail, the next article explains what the money will fund (4). Oregon Department of Forestry said that Red Flag warnings would remain in place for much of Western Oregon through Saturday (5). Firefighters brought a wildfire that has burned between 150 and 200 acres to 40% containment outside of Shelton, Washington (6); and a 50-acre wildfire kept firefighters in Washougal busy as well (7); a trio of suspicious fires at Fort Steilacoom Park raising alarms amongst officials (8). An article from Arizona revisits a controversial study, originally published in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography, that wildfires should be allowed to burn (9); while officials from Colorado's White River National Forest warned of the continued fire danger in the western part of the state (10). Fire officials in Idaho said that cooler weather was allowing them to lift stage one fire restrictions in the Sawtooth National Forest (11); the following article advocating some new dialogue to address the issue of wildfires which have cost that state $189 million to suppress this year (12); but despite the fact that the Mustang Complex Fire burned through uranium mines last month, Department of Environmental Quality officials said the smoke from that fire posed no health risk to people (13); while the Jerome County Historical Society thanked firefighters for stopping a blaze that threatened the Idaho Farm and Ranch Museum in July (14). Fire crews declared Utah's 2,458-acre Roundabout Wildfire fully contained on Friday (15); and a non-profit's executive director discussed the generosity of Oklahomans helping out their less fortunate neighbors who were impacted by wildfires (16). Forest owners in Luce County, Michigan, were reminded that the sign-up period for the Duck Lake Fire restoration program is nearing (17). With the approach of Fire Prevention Week, the North Carolina Forest Service provided some useful tips on how to prevent wildfires (18); and the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along a notice that papers can be submitted for their upcoming 4th Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference in Raleigh until October 8th (19). A $4 million training facility for British Columbia, Canada's, Wildland Fire Branch is being established at Merritt Airport, according to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations (20); and a Firecat air-tanker has taken up residence at the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley (21). Warm, windy conditions have prompted fire officials in Alberta to issue wildfire warnings for areas around Lesser Slave Lake (22). For once, the weather was assisting Rural Fire Service crews battling bushfires in New South Wales, Australia (23); a trio of bushfires being reported in southern Queensland (24); while South Australia's Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a high likelihood of bushfires due to a hot, dry summer ahead (25). And finally, residents of South Australia have come up with an innovative unit to help fight bushfires started by arsonists!

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