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Thursday, October 08, 2009


We lead off Wildfire News Of The Day today with a story from Kristina Hajjar, Director of Communications for Los Angeles County Fire Department, about how the local Chinese community made a generous donation to LA County Fire's fallen firefighter fund; even as the US Forest Service firefighter who lost his home in the Sheep Fire was inundated with donations to help him rebuild his life. Next up is an article from LA Weekly in which Tony Morris of Wildfire Research Network, is quoted discussing some of the mysteries surrounding the US Forest Service response to the Station Fire. Large numbers of firefighters are being released from the Sheep Fire, as told in an article by Rich Brooks of the San Bernardino Press Enterprise; a fire in which San Bernardino County Fire Department firefighters employed several Gel Teams using Thermo Gel to protect structures in Wrightwood, saving the structures from otherwise-certain destruction as the Sheep Fire forced evacuations. A wildfire that burned in Thousand Oaks was overwhelmed by Ventura County firefighters; and CAL FIRE's Tree Seedling Nursery Program will be providing seedlings to help re-forest areas ravaged by this year's wildfires. A barn fire in Central California spread to the nearby forest, but was met by a full wildland response by CAL FIRE, limiting its spread to only half an acre; while a couple of small grass fires in that region also drew a quick response from firefighters. A number of small fires broke out in northern California communities; as was the case in some eastern Oregon communities. A group of private citizens is working to restore fire lookout towers in Washington state. The out-of-control prescribed burn near Williams, Arizona, has topped $2 million in suppression costs and is still only 60% contained; prompting residents to ask firefighters to provide better explanations of the danger from such events. Another article details Idaho's minimalist fire season this year; followed by an article from New Scientist Magazine that explores the history of wildfires and how they change the way people live. Bushfires on the island nation of Sri Lanka have destroyed over 4,000 acres of timber. Australian civilians have sometimes been criticized for complacency in the face of the bushfire threat, but testimony to the Royal Bushfire Commission in Victoria highlights the fact that some fire personnel were also skeptical of the dire situation prior to Black Saturday. As the Black Saturday bushfires unfolded, a lack of qualified incident commanders and timely weather information crippled the response, according to testimony before the Royal Bushfire Commission; but lacking timely fire information, a "calculated risk" may have saved hundreds of lives as a convoy set out from one of the towns threatened by the Black Saturday bushfires. Fire authorities in Victoria are expecting a major blaze within the next six weeks; prompting a local community leader to voice concerns a town is in serious bushfire danger. As the inquest into the death of three truck drivers in West Australia continues, radio transcripts of the drivers begging for help before being overwhelmed by the flames were introduced into the record. While bushfires continued to blaze across Queensland, additional firefighters were flown north from Brisbane; with bushfires threatening many residences; including a bed and breakfast in Yungaburra; even as a bushfire broke out on an island near Brisbane. And finally, these "fire prevention specialists" will work for food!

Chinese Community Donates $42,000 for Fallen Firefighter

Donations pour in for Forest Service worker who lost home in Sheep fire

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SHEEP FIRE: Firefighters released en masse

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Fire no match for Ventura County firefighters

CalFire has seedling program

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Firefighters battle two grass fires

Several small fires erupt

Several small fires reported in the area

Fire lookouts guard history

Williams firefighting costs top $2 million

Fire managers owe Williams better explanation of risk

2009 third-smallest fire season since 1970

Scorched earth: Wildfires will change the way we live

Bushfires destroy 4,000 acres in Sri Lanka Hill country

Bushfire warnings criticised as going 'overboard'

Commission told weather report request delayed

'Calculated risk' led to evacuation

Bushfire threat looms for Victoria

Clark calls for urgent fire funding

Bushfire truck driver used radio 'to beg for help'

More Brisbane crews to help fight north Qld fires

Busy day for Qld fire crews

Bushfire at Yungaburra B&B

Bushfire breaks out on SE Qld island

Fire department uses goats to clear brush

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