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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Southern California is receiving some unwanted lightning strikes from a passing storm, as our first two wildfire news stories show: a number of wildfires have been sparked in rugged terrain in the San Bernardino National Forest; and firefighters were scouring the Cleveland National Forest for the source of a smoke column spotted earlier today. A Santa Barbara filmmaker will be screening a documentary she made on the Zaca Fire this weekend; while a bill submitted to the California legislature that would help people clearing defensible space around their homes has passed the Assembly. An Op-Ed piece from California argues the virtues of logging to thin forests to reduce the wildfire threat; even as residents and fire agencies in Northern California are breathing a sigh of relief that scores of lightning-sparked wildfires remained small, unlike last July's lightning fire siege. A summary of wildfires in Oregon is up next; followed by an update on a 250-acre blaze in Central Washington that was brought under control with some assistance from heli-tankers. A couple from New Mexico discuss the value of clearing defensible space and of Firewise information for homeowners; and Michigan fire authorities provide advice on protecting homes from wildfires in the next article. Salvage logging in areas burned in Horry County, South Carolina, are providing a useful resource (and income) for locals; while the rejuvenation of Florida's Big Cypress Swamp after recent wildfires is covered next. Weather has played a significant part in damping down a wildfire in Alaska's interior. A trio of stories from Canada today: a news crew covering the fire near Prince Rupert, British Columbia, got an unexpected lesson in how quickly a wildfire can brew up; fire agencies in Alberta are geared up for the impending fire season; and a wildfire in Newfoundland attracted the attention of air-tankers as well as firefighters on the ground. A small wildfire in Norway was brought under control. A question of responsibility for alerting the public to bushfires was the topic of debate at the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings in Melbourne, Australia; while a question has arisen about where the three top emergency leaders were during the initial phases of the Black Saturday bushfires. The tragedy of a town destroyed by the Black Saturday bushfires was recounted by a resident; followed by the harrowing recollections of a Country Fire Authority captain caught in that disaster. Local groups in Victoria are calling for a bushfire alert system to be put in place immediately; but as reconstruction continues in the burn areas of Victoria, one firm is advocating that new construction should have more of a 'green' tint to it. And finally, firefighters in Knoxville, Tennessee, are adding an arson inspector with a nose for fires to their team.

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