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Friday, November 19, 2010


A 500-acre wildfire in Freemont County, Colorado, has been brought under control (1); while a coal fire is causing some wildfire headaches for firefighters in Ohio's Wayne National Forest (2); but rain is being credited with the lifting of a fire alert elsewhere in the state (3). Rainfall earlier this week has allowed officials to eliminate the fire ban in Kentucky's Daniel Boone National Forest (4); and despite recent headlines of wildfires burning in Tennessee, it's actually been a quiet year in that state fire-wise (5). Firefighters have finally contained a 615-acre wildfire that began as a quarter-acre controlled burn in Brevard County, Florida (6); but things may get a little smoky around the University of West Florida as firefighters from the Florida Division of Forestry are planning to burn off 1,600 acres to reduce the threat from wildfires (7). Macedonians have planted 20 million seedlings in an effort to repair the damage done by wildfires in that Balkan country (8); while Vietnam's Central Steering Committee for Forest Fire Prevention and Control is warning of high fire danger in six provinces as drought conditions continue (9). The University of Canberra and the Australian National University are teaming up to tackle the thorny issue of urban planning with bushfires in mind (10); and with 30% of bushfires in Victoria being deliberately set, state police have unveiled Operation Firesetter, a program to extensively patrol high-risk bushfire areas (11); while political candidates are promising that, if elected, they would make $5 million available to the 52 high-risk communities in Victoria to help them make preparations to deal with future bushfires (12). A wildfire which burned thousands of acres of bush, as well as croplands, is being contained in Western Australia (13); this at a time when firefighters in New South Wales are investigating a bushfire which broke out near Londonderry during a heat wave (14). And finally, firefighters in Allendale, Michigan, were probably considering hazard pay for fighting a fire at a house loaded with ammunition!

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