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Monday, April 11, 2011

WILDFIRE NEWS OF THE DAY - 041111 has began a new series for wildfire investigators, the first article of which provides useful techniques for determining the origin and cause of a wildfire (1); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Fire Information Officer for New Mexico State Forestry, provides an update on a 6,000-acre wildfire that erupted northeast of Clayton on Sunday (2). Quick work by Colorado Springs, Colorado, firefighters squelched a small wildfire in the Pike National Forest yesterday (3); but homeowners had to be evacuated as an 11 square-mile wildfire blazes near Las Animas (4); limiting access to the nearby John Martin Reservoir (5); while firefighters from the Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management Unit plan to conduct some controlled burns later on this month (6). Residents have been allowed to return home after an 1,800-acre wildfire forced evacuations in Pawnee County, Oklahoma (7); however, the continued wildfire danger prompted officials in several counties across the state to extend their burn bans (8). The next article provides a summary of wildfire activity across Texas, where hundreds of square miles have been burned, destroying dozens of homes (9); one halting a Union Pacific passenger train for much of the day when a bridge was burned (10); but a 120-acre wildfire burning in Angelina County was kept away from nearby homes (11); all the wildfire activity prompting officials at North Texas campgrounds to caution visitors about the fire restrictions (12); while the Texas Forest Service provided some safety tips for homeowners (13); a Christian Science Monitor article taking a closer look at why this wildfire season stands out (14); even as the Salvation Army and the Red Cross swung into action to help those displaced by wildfires, as the next two articles show (15) (16); but as if the Texas Forest Service didn't have enough to do already, one of their firefighting helicopters was diverted to battle a mulch fire! (17) Due to the damage done by a major wildfire in Ellsworth County, the governor of Kansas declared a State of Disaster to free up emergency services to deal with the crisis (18); and grass fires were reported in Michigan's Charlevoix County over the weekend as well (19). A wildfire burned about a quarter-mile of forest in southern Illinois over the weekend (20); while two firefighters were injured battling a wildfire in Kentucky's Jefferson Memorial Forest as they brought it under control (21). The next article provides a look at Pennsylvania's aerial firefighting assets as fire season approaches (22); and a 55-acre wildfire burning near Coral Springs, Florida, is being closely watched by firefighters (23). The Iberian Peninsula was hit hard by wildfires, numerous blazes having been reported in Spain, and another in Ermida, Portugal (24); while a wildfire which destroyed 2,500 ha of forest near the Bulgarian town of Bansko has finally been contained (25). With 30,000 km of power lines crisscrossing Victoria, Australia, the Bushfire Response Minister discussed the various options available to reduce the bushfire danger from above-ground utilities (26); but in another sign that life is getting back to normal following the Black Saturday bushfires, Marysville’s popular Gallipoli Park has reopened (27). An incident in which a firefighting helicopter was severely damaged when a cargo door flew into its rotors near Maryborough, Queensland, during a 2009 bushfire has been attributed to a faulty seal (28); while fire authorities from New South Wales' Rural Fire Service indicated that some 6,000 homes are in danger from bushfires in Wyong Shire (29). A battle over boundaries has brewed up in regards to South Australia's Regional Bushfire Management Committee (30). And finally, volunteer firefighters from across New Jersey are invited to a rib-eating contest this coming May (it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it!)

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