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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A summary of wildfire activity in Northern California is provided by our first article today (1); where fire crews have brought an 11 mi.² wildfire in Shasta County to 40% containment (2); and the Tuolumne River Trust began a campaign to help with recovery efforts in the Rim Fire burn area (3); but as firefighters fought a wildfire north of San Francisco, their fire station was being burglarized! (4) Two new wildfires were reported in Oregon and Washington, where hot, dry conditions were expected through the weekend (5); the next article taking a look at Oregon's summer of fire (6). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Walt Darran, Chairman of the Associated Aerial Firefighters, sent along an ABC News video which asks whether Arizona's 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots could have been saved if air-tankers had been available (7); researchers at the University of Arizona commenting on California's Rim Fire in the next article (8). The results of a year-long study by US Forest Service's Missoula, Montana, Fire Lab on whether target shooting causes wildfires are discussed in the next article (9); while US Forest Service fire crews from Vermont's Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest are heading West to help fight wildfires (10). Fire crews in Volusia County, Florida, conducted a 118-acre controlled burn in the Lake George Conservation Area (11). In Canada, the British Columbia Forest Service estimated that it spent $125-million fighting wildfires this season (12); fire conditions in Ontario's Northumberland County Forest prompting officials to impose a fire ban (13); where, despite nine active wildfires, falling temperatures are reducing the fire danger in the region (14). Forest fires in four Argentinian provinces forced evacuations (15). UK-based BAE Systems Spokesman David Dorman sent along an announcement from the company about partnering with companies in North America to convert 10 BAe 146 aircraft into air-tankers (16); while quick-thinking firefighters doused a blaze in Bracknell's Swinley Forest that could have led to a catastrophic wildfire (17); but nearly a dozen wildfires were reported in the European nations of Portugal, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey (18); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Johann Goldammer, Director of the United Nations' Global Fire Monitoring Center in Freiburg, Germany, sending along links to two new fire-related publications he edited: "Vegetation Fires and Global Change" (19); and "Prescribed Burning in Russia" (20). A 200-hectare bushfire was reported outside of Canterbury, New Zealand (21). Photos and video from the firelines in New South Wales, Australia, are provided by the next article (22); where Fire and Rescue NSW is under fire for station closures during those blazes (23); but with dropping temperatures, the bushfire danger is receding (24); nevertheless, with a difficult bushfire season forecast, the double-edged sword of back burns is under discussion (25); while residents of Winmalee commented on the sudden approach of a 500-hectare bushfire in the Blue Mountains which forced evacuations (26). And finally, the Baltimore Ravens football team gave one Black Forest Fire survivor from Colorado a day to remember!

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(27) Despite loss, Ravens make day of fan devastated by Black Forest Fire

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