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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A summary of wildfires in Southern California is provided by the our first article today (1); followed by one about how CAL FIRE firefighters had to deal with some tree fires in Indio yesterday (2). Despite the fact that the Cleveland National Forest Supervisor has approved San Diego Gas and Electric's PowerLink project, detractors vowed to continue to fight implementation of the proposal (3); and SDG&E has unveiled a network of some 90 weather stations in the eastern part of San Diego County to better monitor weather conditions with an eye towards shutting off power in areas threatened by high winds (4). A wildfire that has been burning in Kern County over the past couple of days has finally been contained (5). Oregon Department of Forestry has decided to tighten fire restrictions in parts of that state due to the wildfire danger (6); but there was no rest for the weary as the Warm Springs Hotshots, newly returned from Colorado, were pressed into service fighting a wildfire in Oregon (7). A quarter-acre blaze elsewhere in that state was quickly squelched by firefighters (8); and even though it has had a slow start to the wildfire season, officials warn that that could change in the near future (9). A wildfire near Wenatchee, Washington, that has burned 30 mi.² is now considered to be 30% contained (10); but firefighters hope to have the 20,000 acre blaze fully contained by Saturday (11); even as firefighters struggled to put out a haystack fire elsewhere in that state before it spread (12). A new study by the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition reveals some of the hidden costs from wildfires (available at here) (13). A wind-driven wildfire on the grounds of the Idaho National Laboratory has forced closure of Interstate 15 as it burned past the 30,000 acre mark (14); while fire officials in Utah are also cautious about their heretofore slow fire season (15). A former Texas Forest Service firefighter has been accused of lighting a wildfire earlier this year in Hardin County (16). Montana's Department of Natural Resources and Conservation reported that the North Creek Fire has exceeded 300 acres in size (17). The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation reports that banning brush burning this spring reduced wildfires by 33% statewide (18); but a wildfire in Wilmington, North Carolina, was quelled by firefighters with a little help from some rain (19). As Canadian firefighters contained a wildfire that had broken out in Copper River, British Columbia, they thanked the public for timely reporting of wildfires (20); however, a wildfire near Peachland that forced evacuations of residents was apparently caused by a wind-blown tree hitting a power pole (21); and a small yet destructive wildfire has been calmed a bit by cooler, wetter weather (22). Although seven new fires were reported in Ontario, firefighters have managed to extinguish all but one of the wildfires burning in that province (23). Members of the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association complained that property losses of $800,000 would have been unnecessary if the province had dispatched air-tankers to battle the blaze, something they already do for northern villages and logging camps (24). Turning to the Mediterranean, wildfires were reported in Cefalu, Campofranco and Chiaramonte Gulfi, Italy, and at several locations in Algeria (25). Heading Down Under, a new study commissioned by the Pew Environment Group shows that the Australian outback, like major forests around the world, is functioning as a giant carbon sink, helping reduce Global Warming (the full report can be viewed here) (26). The importance of bushfire escape routes is examined in the next article from Victoria (27); while another shire is appealing to the state for an additional $100,000 to complete their bushfire safety program (28). Victoria's State Emergency Services organization will run a bushfire drill in Ballarat to test readiness (29); but embattled former police commissioner Christine Nixon has decided to stay on the bushfire recovery panel for now (30). The community of Bombala, New South Wales, is mulling over a bushfire protection plan (31). And finally, US Forest Service firefighters had a familiar address at which to fight a wildfire in Oregon: their headquarters!

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