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Monday, July 01, 2013


Northern California's Eldorado National Forest has expanded fire restrictions throughout its jurisdiction today (1); but a 105-acre wildfire was contained outside of King City over the weekend (2); an update on a wildfire near Silver City, Nevada, being provided by the next article (3). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ed Story, CEO of the Aerial Fire Response & Research Network, sent along a story about the tragic death of 19 wildland firefighters in Arizona (4); the only survivor from the Hotshot crew saved because he was moving the truck at the time (5); the fire now reaching 8,370-acres in size (6); but firefighters from across the nation continued to stream into the area (7); wildland firefighters in Florida discussing the danger of mixing wind with wildfires (8); firefighters from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service doing the same (9); President Obama and Senator John McCain adding to the list of people sending their condolences (10); that article followed by one which recounts the deadliest firefighting disasters in US history (11); another provides some background material on US Forest Service Hotshots (12); Georgia Forestry crews drawing parallels between the Arizona wildfire and wildfires that burned in Georgia in 2007 and 2011 (13); Tennessee Division of Forestry demonstrating how to deploy a fire shelter (14); elsewhere in Arizona, evacuations were underway as a 1,000-acre wildfire burned in the Hualapai Mountains (15). In Colorado, the San Juan National Forest will expand fire restrictions to cover the entire forest starting tomorrow (16); but Discover Goodwill is hoping to provide furnishings for homeowners who suffered losses from the Black Forest Fire (17); a man who lost several dogs to that blaze receiving a donation of a different sort (18); while philanthropic organizations discuss how they have changed how they handle donations for Black Forest Fire survivors versus last year's Waldo Canyon Fire survivors in the next article (19); while two insurance meetings for Black Forest Fire survivors were announced (20); and the commander of the Air Force's 466th Fighter Squadron discussed his work as a US Forest Service aerial firefighter and aviation safety manager in a fire season (21). An update on wildfires in Utah is provided by the next article (22). The smoke from 173 Canadian wildfires burning in Manitoba and Saskatchewan is making for hazy skies in southern Manitoba (23); and folks in Ontario are also complaining about wildfire smoke from those provinces (24); while fire crews hit the Wabush, Labrador, fire from the air and the ground (25); allowing evacuees to finally return home (26). In Europe, numerous wildfires cropped up in France, Portugal, Italy, and on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus (27). Following 10 days of intense firefighting efforts on Indonesia's Sumatra Island, air quality is finally returning to normal (28); and more arrests took place as $9.44 million was allocated by the government to fight those fires (29). The National Aerial Firefighting Centre of Australia is inviting tenders for light fixed-wing aircraft for reconnaissance of bushfires in the upcoming bushfire season (30); but a decade after a devastating 85,000-hectare bushfire, one family in Victoria reflects on their personal recovery efforts (31). Queensland Rural Fire Service plans to conduct a series of controlled burns in the Redlands region over the next few months (32); while windy conditions forecast for Northern Territory has fire agencies across the state on edge during Northern Territory Day (33). And finally, Sacramento, California, firefighters, used to getting cats out of high trees, had to go the opposite direction this time!

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