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Thursday, July 01, 2010


In wildfire news today, we begin and end with articles on air-tankers, leading off with an insightful look at the air-tanker industry in the U.S. written by Wildfire News Of The Day subscriber Mike Padilla, former Chief of Aviation for CAL FIRE (1); while an apartment complex in Anaheim, California, which was damaged in the November 2008 Freeway Complex Fire has reopened (2). An accused arsonist put on a suicide watch has been ruled competent to stand trial for setting the "Old Fire" in San Bernardino in 2003 (3). Firefighters in Salinas extinguished a small wildfire in a park (4); and CAL FIRE battled an aggressive wildfire in Pebble Beach Wednesday morning (5). A 15-acre wildfire in some hills on the outskirts of East San Rafael was accidentally started by construction workers yesterday (6); while homeowners in Napa County are given some pointers on avoiding wildfires in the next item (7). An article from Arizona takes a look at the phenomenon of dry-lightning thunderstorms, something which will become more prevalent with the onset of monsoon season (8); as epitomized by a lightning strike that ignited a small wildfire on Mount Lemmon (9). The 15,000 acre Schultz Fire, which has been burning outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, is now 100% contained, according to the US Forest Service (10); even so, there are plenty of fires left in the state to battle (11). With 70% of the wildfires in their state having been caused by humans, public land managers in New Mexico are imposing fire restrictions in the Santa Fe National Forest (12). Fire managers in Colorado's White River National Forest are allowing a pair of lightning-sparked wildfires to continue to burn in order to improve the bighorn sheep habitat (13); followed by a summary of wildfires in Idaho, where calmer weather is helping firefighters (14). US Senator Udall of Wyoming has been lobbying for the release of $30 million for clearing beetle-killed trees in the western US, money which has been delayed due to bureaucratic red tape in Congress (15). A pair of articles from Allentown, Pennsylvania, take a look at wildfires and how to prevent them (16)(17). Firefighters from Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection are returning home after two weeks of battling wildfires in Québec (18); but low humidity, coupled with windy conditions, has caused the National Weather Service to issue Red Flag warnings for New Jersey (19). North Carolina's Division of Forest Resources is advising homeowners not to set off their own fireworks due to the wildfire danger this year (20). Heading to Canada, the weather is giving firefighters in northern Manitoba a break (21); and as a result, campgrounds are reopening for business (22). Wildfires have been reported in Agrigento, Mazzarino and Motta San Giovanni, Italy (23); while police have arrested a suspect accused of setting a forest fire in southwestern China that resulted in the deaths of 12 villagers in May (24). The next article takes another look at a study from Australian National University which considers whether forest fires can actually reduce Global Warming (25); but nonetheless, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service began a series of controlled burns which will continue for the next several days (26). And finally, the third installment in my air-tanker series at takes a look at Neptune Aviation, the largest air-tanker business in the US!

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