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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The Angeles National Forest Supervisor will be speaking to a Southern California Sierra Club chapter about recovering from the effects of the Station Fire, in our first wildfire story today (1); and hoping that two years of bad fires will incline taxpayers to approve a tax to fund better firefighting, Santa Cruz County supervisors are considering trying again after it failed to pass in 2007 (2). Firefighters in Wyoming have found a dandy use for surplus military vehicles (3); something that might be useful in parts of Florida which are under a Red Flag warning as dry northern air moves into the region amid rising temperatures (4). Firefighters on Hawaii's Big Island are declaring victory over a stubborn wildfire that has been reduced to a few hotspots (5); but the islands are not out of the woods yet, as dry conditions are projected to last until June (6). An Op-Ed piece from Alberta points out the fire hazard ATV's pose for that Canadian province's forests (7); while a village chieftain in Gambia urged other village leaders to curb bushfires, which have been impacting that African Nation's quest to become more self-sufficient (8). South Australians in one Adelaide community may have a solution for where to go if a bushfire threatens: head to the fairgrounds! (9) A trailer (caravan) that broke loose from the towing vehicle sparked a bushfire in New South Wales that required the attention of firefighters assisted by a pair of air-tankers (10). Thirty Fire Service medals were handed out to firefighters in Australia Day ceremonies, as chronicled in the next two articles (11)(12). And while we're on the topic of awards, a Victoria ambulance volunteer was dumbfounded to receive a medal at Australia Day celebrations for her stellar work during Black Saturday (13); and a baker was named Citizen of the Year by one Victoria community for the thousands of dollars in provisions provided to those in need after the Black Saturday bushfires (14). Next up we have two stories that highlight the axiom that no good deed goes unpunished: a man who had started a bushfire cleanup business after losing several habitations during Black Saturday has now lost his cleanup contract due to a paperwork technicality (15); and a Victoria resident who helped move concrete to extinguish smoldering tree roots during Black Saturday may be fined thousands of dollars by the EPA! (16) As a bushfire killed livestock and continued to scorch bushland, a total fire ban was imposed on parts of Victoria (17). And finally, the curious case of the cursed pumper!

(1) Angeles Forest supervisor to speak to Sierra Club

(2) Santa Cruz County mulls tax measure to boost fire service

(3) Old trucks protect rural Wyoming

(4) 80s To Return By End Of Week

(5) Kealakekua forest fire update (Jan. 25)

(6) Hawaii's dry spell predicted to linger through May

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(14) Bread winner: baker rises to the occasion

(15) Marysville locals lose clean up contract

(16) Bushfire good Samaritan fears expense

(17) Fire ban warning after Wangaratta blaze

(18) Metropolitan Fire Brigade spends $800,000 repairing Pumper Tanker 22

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