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Monday, August 30, 2010


As Santa Ana season approaches in Southern California, our first article today takes a look at San Diego County's preparations to battle the inevitable blazes of fall, including comments by Wildfire NOTD subscribers Kevin Crawford, former president of the San Diego County Fire Chiefs Association, and Jeff Bowman, former San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Chief (1); followed by an article from the region that focuses on how to prepare your home for wildfires (2). An insurance bulletin shows the importance of having fire insurance in California, where hundreds of people were forced to evacuate from recent wildfires (3); while CAL FIRE reported a small vegetation fire in Central California over the weekend (4). Recreational boaters wasted no time departing Bullard's Bar Reservoir in the Sierras as a wildfire ravaged the area (5); but containment of the blaze is expected by Tuesday of this week (6). A wildfire burning on Mount Washington in Oregon is now 30% contained (7); followed by a summary of wildfires in that state which shows that firefighters are making progress on many blazes (8). An update on wildfires burning in Washington state is up next (9); where FEMA will kick in 75% of the cost of the Slide Creek Fire, according to a press release (10). Denver, Colorado, will be sharing the $33 million cost of treating 38,000 acres of beetle-killed trees with the US Forest Service to protect watersheds around the area (11). A summary of wildfires that burned in the Plains states over the weekend is provided by a USA Today article (12); followed by an update on wildfires in South Dakota (13). Wildfires near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, are the topic of the next item (14); and cool weather helped with wildfires in nearby Montana as well (15). A 1,400-acre wildfire which has been burning on the slopes of Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano for a week is still only 70% contained (16). Although wildfires have raged through British Columbia in recent weeks, at least one region of that Canadian province has remained quiet (17); but dozens of wildfires were reported over the weekend in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, and Albania (18). Despite the destruction wrought by recent wildfires, the head of Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry stated that the organization coped well with the blazes (19); and to augment the 250,000 professional firefighters throughout the country, he's calling for 1 million volunteers (20). Instead of replacing powerlines over the next 10 years as recommended by Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission, the Victorian government plans to begin a 10-year-long study of the bushfire hazard from electrical lines (21); but at the same time it plans an ambitious vegetation clearance program throughout the state (22); while, in the wake of a Yarra Ranges Council decision, residents of that area will have to concern themselves with their own safety during bushfire season (23). Panicked residents of New South Wales frantically ignited controlled burns ahead of bushfire season, providing lots of activity for Rural Fire Service firefighters (24); even as those firefighters were preparing for the new bushfire season themselves (25). And finally, firefighters in Charleston, South Carolina, had to perform an unusual extrication: getting a burglar out of a restaurant's ventilation duct!

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