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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Aside from the same stories repeated in multiple newspapers (the Santa Ana wind threat to California and the fire in Napa Valley wine country), there was a decided lack of wildfire news today. Leading off, a trio of articles from San Diego's North County Times: the first details how SDG&E will probably dodge criminal charges for the 2007 wildfires caused by arcing power lines; the second discusses the environmental impact of saltwater and retardant on vegetation at Camp Pendleton, with quotes from Rick Halsey of the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum; and the third discusses the hotly-contested Proposition A, which would level a $52 parcel tax on San Diego residents to help pay for firefighting costs. Mirroring the Prop A measure in several ways, the next article from Berkeley, California, discusses a similar measure that hopes to keep more fire stations from closing in that city. A small wildfire was limited to only 75 acres in Central California through quick work by firefighters and air-tankers, while a larger wildfire threatened homes and wineries in Napa Valley. In a previous news item, it was reported that cowboys with satellite phones could be used as wildfire spotters, but the Shasta Cattleman's Assn is taking that a step further, asking CalFire and the governor to staff all of the fire lookout towers in Northern California (which are currently only occupied during extreme fire danger periods). Switching overseas, New South Wales, Australia, is gearing up for the new bushfire season with 70,000 volunteers.

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