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Thursday, April 11, 2013


NASA's Autonomous Modular Sensor is being adopted by US Forest Service to better spot wildfires in the Western US this summer (1); the next article examining how firefighters battled a wind-driven wildfire outside of the Southern California community of Fillmore earlier this week (2). Oregon Department of Forestry explained defensible space to homeowners in Bend as preparations for wildfire season proceeded (3); and following last year's devastating fire season, the Colorado Senate will begin debate on whether to fund a state-owned firefighting fleet today (4). Better snowfall this year may improve the wildfire season in Utah, though things are still rather dry (5); and to prepare, the Utah Division of Forestry is using a helicopter to clear vegetation in Dimple Dell Canyon (6). Teton County, Wyoming, will be holding a meeting next week to discuss their Community Wildfire Protection Plan (7). Smokejumpers were busy practicing for wildfire season with several aerial insertion operations at Montana's Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Training Center (8); and a free Home Wildfire Preparation Workshop will be held in Hamilton this Saturday (9). The use of prescribed burns in maintaining healthy forests in Nebraska is explained by the Niobrara Valley Prescribed Fire Association in the next article (10); while in Illinois, the Shawnee National Forest has reopened the Little Grand Canyon Trail following an 18-acre wildfire (11). US Forest Service is planning a few controlled burns in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest (12); and Delaware's annual one-day wildland-firefighting "Fire Camp" will take place in Blackbird State Forest next week (13). Five wildfires have been burning across West Virginia (14); even as residents of that state were warned about the danger of debris burns (15); and the Virginia Department of Forestry contained a 50-acre wildfire in southern Albemarle County (16). As the Canadian wildfire season approaches, a Vancouver, British Columbia, company is offering its wildfire sprinkler systems for sale (17). Two wildfires were reported on the Scottish Isle of Lewis (18); but Scottish gamekeepers are doing their part to reduce the incidence of wildfires (19). A representative of Russia's Avialesookhrana (Aerial Forest Protection Service) weighs in on the issue of man-made grass fires that are cropping up in parts of that country at the moment (20); while a Russian press release in Vertical Magazine discusses its firefighting helicopters at Tangent Link's Aerial Firefighting Conference, which is wrapping up in France (21). Despite the use of fireworks and burning money, China's Pingtan Island reported fewer wildfires during the annual Qingming Festival (22); but troops from the Army of Nepal are helping battle a wildfire outside of Resunga (23). New research by the Australian Council of Social Services offers some ominous portents of the impact of bushfires on small and medium-sized businesses (24); and Victoria's worst bushfire season since Black Saturday has officially ended (25); but a man has pleaded guilty to starting a bushfire in Warrnambool (26). And finally, firefighters performed a difficult rescue in North Dakota: a catfish tournament!

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