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Friday, September 02, 2011


Southern California's Cleveland National Forest has joined with Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests in imposing fire restrictions due to dry fuels and higher temperatures (1); while US Forest Service reported that Yosemite's Motor Fire is now 95% contained (2); but the increased risk of wildfires has forced Mendocino National Forest officials to impose fire restrictions on Saturday (3). Oregon's La Grande Air Tanker Base has opened for fire season (4); which is probably a good thing because weather forecasters are predicting hotter weather for next week in much of that state (5); while the 101,200-acre wildfire burning on Oregon's Warm Springs Indian Reservation is now 40% contained (6). Washington's Department of Natural Resources warned visitors to the North Olympic Peninsula to be careful with their fire, since 85% of wildfires in that state are caused by people (7); and two lightning-sparked wildfires in Arizona's Globe Ranger District have reached 3,500 acres between them (8). A 5,000-acre wildfire burned near Wendell, Idaho (9). After a busy week, firefighters in Utah have roped in all but one wildfire burning in that state (10); the contribution of aircraft battling wildfires near St. George being covered by the next item (11). An Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, firefighter nearly lost his own home to wildfires that raged through the northern part of that city (12); while three firefighters were injured battling a 300-acre wildfire outside of Norman (13); and a CBS News video segment takes a closer look at wildfires in Oklahoma and Texas (14). As firefighters in Texas make progress on numerous wildfires, the next article provides an update on the situation (15); where the contribution of AT802 Air Tractor SEATs in battling wildfires is explored by the next article (Editor's Note: 60 SEATs are on contract to USFS in the US, and 90 work fires overseas) (16); the following story chronicling the exploits of a Galveston Fire Department detachment on the fire lines (17). Kansas Department of Transportation will provide $2 million to repair numerous railroad bridges destroyed in recent wildfires (18). Firefighters had a 4,800-acre wildfire burning near Laramie, Wyoming, 40% contained Thursday night (19); while firefighters were able to bring four small wildfires in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, area to heel (20). The Red Flag warnings are flying in Gallatin County, Montana (21); but even as wildfire activity diminished in the Shoshone National Forest, the next article takes a look back at recent wildfires in that state (22); including the 2,560-acre Canyon Creek Fire (23). Wildfires continue to pop up in South Dakota's Black Hills (24); and the wildfire danger in Michigan over the Labor Day weekend is revisited by the next article (25). A wildfire that burned 400 acres in DeKalb County, Alabama, has been fully contained (26); but lightning was blamed for a wildfire burning in Allegheny County, Virginia (27). Due to a heretofore quiet wildfire season, British Columbia, Canada, is loaning some firefighters and air-tankers to Washington state to help battle a wildfire burning near Omak (28); nevertheless, a 15 ha wildfire was reported near Falkland yesterday (29). On the technology front, lightning sensors deployed in Ontario, Canada, to detect lightning strikes that spark wildfires are examined in the next article (30). In southern Europe, wildfires were reported in Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, and Serbia (31); but a new NASA study suggests that an abnormal meteorological event known as a Rossby wave may have worsened Russia's 2010 wildfires (32). Heading to Australia, residents of Victoria's Latrobe Valley are hopeful that Department of Sustainability and Environment firefighters can diminish the amount of fuel in their area before bushfire season arrives (33); however, Concerns about fuel buildup in that state prompted Country Fire Authority officials to advise residents of Ararat Rural City and Northern Grampians Shire to begin thinning vegetation ahead of bushfire season (34). And finally, National Guard helicopter pilots in Noble, Oklahoma, probably thought they were back in Afghanistan after being shot at while fighting wildfires!

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