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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


US Forest Service will be conducting controlled burns near Tahoe City in Northern California today (1); and as the Supervisor of Oregon's Rogue River National Forest retires, he reflects on a life which included a good deal of firefighting (political as well as wildland) (2). Officials in Edmond, Oklahoma, reported an increased number of structure losses due to wildfires this year (3). Harris County, Texas, has become the largest county in that state to implement a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (4); while Coryell County met with FEMA officials to discuss $75,000 in wildfire reimbursements (5); but FEMA is advising wildfire survivors to invest in flood insurance, now! (6) South Dakota's governor has added $6.1 million to the budget for the express purpose of fighting the pine mountain beetle infestation that plagues Custer State Park (7); while the Middle Eastern nation of Lebanon has unveiled a new wildfire forecasting system for that country (8). In Australia, the Victorian Government is under fire for not implementing all the recommendations of the Royal Bushfire Commission (9); even as dryland farmers in the Wimmera region are being warned of the extreme grass fire danger this summer (10); while more than 100 convicted bushfire arsonists will be kept under close surveillance by state police during the summer (11). Several individuals were honored with bravery awards for their rescue of ultra-marathoners caught by bushfires in Western Australia (12); but residents of Margaret River are still asking why the Department of Environment and Conservation was allowed to start a controlled burn that destroyed many homes in that community (13); while some landowners feel that shire councils should also be bound by the Bushfires Act to reduce the incidence of bushfires in that state (14); still others arguing for less blame and more support for fire agencies (15). And finally, two Australian firefighters were definitely out of uniform when they participated in the game show "It's a Knockout"!

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