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Friday, June 12, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, Rick Halsey of the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum sent along an item about a lawsuit against San Diego, California, authorities who plan to put in firebreaks by doing what Rick and the plaintiffs feel is excessive vegetation clearance. An in-depth study of eastern San Diego County's wildfire preparedness is provided by the next item; followed by another chapter in the ongoing saga of the Martin Mars from the North County Times. A by-product of previous wildfires, fine ash, is giving allergy sufferers in Santa Barbara something else to deal with this year. A landscape contractor accused of starting a week-long wildfire in Central California over a year ago has pleaded not guilty. An Op-Ed piece from Oregon argues that more needs to be done to prevent wildfires in that state. A wildfire along Arizona's Mexican border has scorched nearly 2,000 acres; followed by an update on the wildfires multiplying in New Mexico. Lee County, Texas, had hundreds of acres burn yesterday. Heading to Canada, nearly two dozen new wildfires have been sparked by lightning in British Columbia; but help is coming: firefighters from other Canadian provinces continue to arrive in British Columbia to help with worsening wildfires. Residents of Nova Scotia argue in the next article for the acquisition of an air-tanker for that Canadian province. A wildfire that erupted near Granada, Spain, was roped in by firefighters with support from air-tankers. Tourism may be impacted by expanding wildfires in Indonesia as the smoke chokes Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. With monsoon season still a few weeks away, Sri Lanka, off the southern tip of India, is calling on firefighters and their air force to battle a wildfire that has already burned several hundred acres. As the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings continue in Melbourne, Australia, it turns out that many residents living in bushfire-prone areas are not prepared to cope with a bushfire if it occurs. An Australian forest industry spokesman weighs in on the topic of fuel management in Victoria. The new bushfire warning system will take at least 3-4 months to implement in Victoria. Two stories that offer hope to bushfire survivors are up next: the clean-up effort is ahead of schedule; and some folks are doing a whole lot of knitting to provide wraps to help keep those living in tents warmer this winter. An historic WWII airfield in Darwin, Northern Territory, is being upgraded for a new enemy: bushfires. And finally, here's another unique 'watch out' for firefighters: swimming pools!

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