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Friday, August 30, 2013


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Ty Bonnar, VP of Global Operations for Flexible Alternatives, sent along a letter submitted by Members of Congress to three top generals advocating the use of PCADS (Precision Container Airborne Delivery System) by the military on wildfires raging across the West (1); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tom Eversole, Executive Director of the American Helicopter Services & Aerial Firefighting Association, sent along an article in which he talks about the critical shortage of heavy air-tankers in the federal fleet (2); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Jim Petersen, Founder of the Evergreen Foundation, sent along an editorial about how various groups (including California's Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals) are blocking US Forest Service's attempts at forest restoration, contributing to worsening wildfires (3). As Southern California's dangerous fall Santa Ana fire period approaches, Erickson Air-Crane has inked a 5-year contract with Los Angeles County that will provide one 2,650-gallon S-64 helicopter at a cost of $2.7 million (4); the next article looking at firefighter safety during past wildfires across the region (5). As Yosemite's Rim Fire closed in on 200,000 acres burned, firefighters brought containment to 32% and some evacuees were allowed to return home (6); the danger it poses to the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Experimental Forest being examined by the next article (7); while the one which follows looks at how the fire may impact tourists to Yosemite over the Labor Day weekend (8); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Jim Messer, Chief Operating Officer for Coulson Aircrane, discussing their new "Next-Generation" air-tanker, a C-130Q that can carry 4,500 gallons of retardant and may be on the Rim Fire by next weekend (9); while General Atomics furnished some background info on their MQ-1 Predator drone that is providing fire managers with eyes in the sky over the blaze (10); the next article taking a look at a contingent of 673 inmate firefighters helping battle the Rim Fire (11); while a New York Times article lists some tools that can be used to track the fire online (12); the fate of Yosemite's forests after the fires are out being examined by the one that follows (13); CAL FIRE announcing full containment of an 11,429-acre wildfire burning near Los Molinos (14). As the governor of Oregon ordered flags flown at half-staff following the death of a wildland firefighter, the next article provides details on wildfires in that state (15); while a 2,352-acre burning in Central Washington is now 10% contained (16). After hearing criticism from second-guessers who fault 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots for their tragic decision to fight a wildfire outside of Yarnell, Arizona, the lone survivor of that crew stands behind their decision (17); but adding insult to injury, the fiancé of one of those fallen firefighters can't get a refund for her now-useless wedding dress (18). Southern Baptist Disaster Relief reported that thieves made off with a flatbed trailer the group was using to clean up debris left from Colorado's Black Forest Fire (19). A trio of new wildfires cropped up in Idaho (20); where blazes will keep a number of recreation areas closed this Labor Day weekend (21). Wildland firefighters took time out from battling Montana's Lolo Creek Complex Fire to educate schoolkids on the finer points of their job (22). Although lightning has started a number of fires in Ontario, Canada, the Ministry of Natural Resources reported minimal wildfire activity in the province (23); and in the Caribbean, 400 personnel finally roped in a wildfire that has blazed across the Dominican Republic's Sierra de Bahoruco mountains (24). Ten new wildfires were reported across Europe in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey (25); more details on the fires in Spain and Portugal being provided by the next article (26). The perennial problem of deliberately-set wildfires on the Indonesian island of Sumatra was discussed by the World Resources Institute (27). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Nathan Maddock, Communications Officer at Bushfire CRC, sent along an invitation to the 10th annual Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre conference to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Victoria, Australia, next week (28); while school children in Coonabarabran, New South Wales, will get some help coping with the devastation wrought by bushfires earlier this year (29); Warrumbungle Shire Council being named Most Positive Shire Council of 2013 for its bushfire efforts at the Australian Education and Leadership Centre awards ceremony in Perth, Western Australia (30); but elsewhere in WA, a pair of bushfires on the Dampier Peninsula prompted warnings from fire officials to visitors to that region (31). And finally, our last item today asks whether California's new Gun Control Bill could actually increase the risk of forest fires?

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