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Thursday, September 11, 2008


First up in the news today, something that may be of interest to folks from San Diego as Oceanside discusses the proposed $52 fire tax. And speaking of politics related to wildfires, two other articles may deserve some review: an editorial from Idaho about politics and wildfires, and another from the National Center For Policy Analysis on logging. The next article is a success story of how proper selection according to a fire management plan allowed a Wildland Fire Use fire to burn exactly as was intended. A tale of two arson fires follows, one in which a shooter accidently started a 34,000 acre fire near Yosemite, and another in which arson is suspected, but no arsonist has been apprehended as of yet. Good news for firefighters within Hemet-Ryan Air-Attack Base's range, as new improvements enhance its ability to support wildfire efforts. More good news, as firefighters finally contain the fires in the Shasta-Trinity area. A small wildfire is still burning, however, in the Yellowstone area, as discussed in the next article. Budget concerns have fire managers in both California and Montana worried (and in other fire-prone states as well), as the next two articles recount. Overseas, Turkey adds up the damage from wildfires, while the Bulgarians (and probably others throughout Europe) are realizing the need for the multi-national firefighting force still in its infancy. Let's hope the wildfires hold off until the EU is ready.

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Teepee Fire burning near Yellowstone

Officials: Fire still a threat in mountains

Fire costs limit forest budgets

Fires destroyed 1,594 hectares of forest in Turkey’s Izmir

Rila wildfire proves how much we need coordination between institutions: President

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