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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


In the news today, two opinions about San Diego's Proposition A (the property tax surcharge for all residents): the first voiced by a former fire chief opposed to the measure; the second one endorsing the measure via vote by the San Diego City Council. A small wildfire broke out near me today (Duarte is about five miles west of me), but was quickly brought under control. Riverside County is experiencing a prolonged Red Flag period (seven days and counting), but hopes for some relief by Friday, while Floridians are bracing for fires themselves. Coloradoans are being warned that, like California, the fire season never really ends, and fire agencies in Washington sorely miss the seasonal crews who were released before last weekend's wildfires in that state. Prescott, AZ, is suffering through smoky conditions as slash piles burn in forested areas nearby, while arson investigators have determined that target practice may have spawned a 1,200 acre fire near Reno, NV. A report from the National Academy of Sciences details the changes to flora and fauna across the US due to climate change, as recounted in a USA Today article. Heading north, British Columbia has the opposite problem the US seems to be facing, in that they are losing grassland to forests. Down under, Queensland Police Service is upset with arsonists who sparked fires that threatened Brisbane earlier this week. In Victoria, more bad news in regards to the bushfire season ahead and the lack of vegetation clearance done in that state, as related by the next two articles. On the positive side, Australia's air-attack resources have been bolstered, as the two following articles detail (editor's note: 'Elvis' is the name Australians apply to the S-64 helicopter). Finally, on the technology front, a new fire suppressant has been approved for use in the US (it has already been used successfully in Asia).

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