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Monday, March 30, 2009


With the US firefighting economy in a shambles, the forward-thinking folks at Ten Tanker LLC are casting their net a bit wider, as told in our first article in wildfire news today; and firefighters took no chances as a tiny wildfire in Orange County, California, drew an overwhelming response, including air support. A retrospective on Heli-Expo is offered in the next article. An Arizona county that recently had problems with wildfires is upgrading their communications for a more unified response to future emergencies; but a wildfire near Nogales, Arizona, was still not contained this weekend. Another controlled burn got away from the people who set it in Colorado. Giving fire contractors everywhere a black eye, a Montana man who provided contract services to US Forest Service lied about their qualifications. A plea from a North Carolina resident for the state to continue funding the BRIDGE program (also known as the Young Offenders Forest Conservation Program) where young inmates are trained to help fight fires in that state follows. A trio of stories out of Florida today: firefighters were kept busy over the weekend with wildfires in that state; but received some welcome relief in the form of rains that helped dampen the wildfires in parts of that state; while the US Forest Service equivalent of a fire 'storm chaser' was on the job. Concerned about efforts at reforestation in the Philippines, government officials are ramping up hiring of forest rangers. Heading to Australia, political bickering is apparently slowing the rebuilding effort in bushfire-ravaged towns in Victoria; and has spilled over onto the federal level as well, as the next article shows. Three stories demonstrate the relief effort Down Under: Service Clubs in Tasmania raised a cool million for bushfire relief efforts; the PGA has stepped up to the tee as well; and Australian businesses have pitched some money into the kitty, too. Just to be on the safe side, bushfire season in the Australian Capital Territory has been extended for two more weeks. Echoing complaints in Lake Tahoe, California, about environmentalist policies worsening the fire danger, people from Victoria describe the grief they received when planting non-native species around structures (and the potential grief if they planted native species there as requested). Reflecting the difficulty of identifying badly burned bodies, authorities have lowered the death toll in the Black Saturday bushfires from 210 to 173 people. A 62-year-old man has been charged with setting a bushfire outside of Adelaide in South Australia; while members of the DSE were battling a small bushfire in Victoria. Looking to improve on command-and-control techniques that involved low-tech whiteboards and the like during the recent bushfires, Australian fire agencies are looking towards GPS phones, RSS feeds and Twitter to provide up-to-the-minute info on emergencies like bushfires. And finally, we've all heard about firefighters helping get a cat out of a tree, but this rescue in Portland, Oregon, was a bit more daunting!

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