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Thursday, June 30, 2011


An article published in the International Journal of Wildland Fire shows that people living in areas threatened by wildfires are more trusting of government officials due to the ever-present wildfire danger (1); while Wildfire NOTD subscriber Maurice Luque, Media Services Manager for San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, commented on a wildfire in Kate O. Sessions Park yesterday (2); and a California assemblyman wants returning military vets to be given Firefighter 1 credentials to speed their path to fighting wildfires (3). The tricky business of trying to predict Oregon's fire season is explored by the next article (4); but several wildfires have been reported in Washington state, in some cases started by fireworks (5). Border Patrol agents indicated that a man in distress lit a signal fire that went on to become a 68,000-acre wildfire in Arizona (6); and although firefighters are increasing containment on several wildfires, a number of new ones have cropped up (7); but now that the fires are being brought under control, homeowners worry about mudslides when the rains arrive (8). As a wildfire burning near Los Alamos, New Mexico, reaches 92,735-acres in size, it may soon become the largest in that state's history (9); but along with evacuations near Los Alamos National Lab, IT specialists shut down supercomputers, apparently due to the smoky conditions (10); while a 700-acre wildfire burning in Lincoln National Forest forced evacuations of nearby communities (11); and fire officials imposed fire restrictions in San Juan County (12); fire conditions prompting officials to close the Carson National Forest as well (13); even as the New Mexico Fire Chiefs Association is attempting to introduce legislation that would allow communities to ban fireworks as Taos delays its annual Fourth of July extravaganza (14). Lightning sparked several wildfires in Boulder County, Colorado, yesterday (15); but due to the quiet fire season in Idaho, firefighters from across that state have been able to help out with blazes nationwide (16). A summary of wildfire activity in Texas, both past and present, is provided by the next article (17); while firefighters in the Panhandle kept two fires which scorched 7,000 acres between them away from homes (18); and Texas Forest Service urged caution over the Fourth of July weekend as wildfire conditions in that state remain extreme (19). Possession of fireworks in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest has been forbidden by fire officials due to the fire danger (20); but as conditions in South Dakota's Black Hills remain quiet, US Forest Service firefighters from that region have been sent to blazes across the US (21). The Alabama Forestry Commission plans to use phosphorous bombs to burn out fuel in order to increase containment of a 700-acre wildfire burning in Gulf State Park (22); while the governor paid a visit to see how things were going (23); even as firefighters from Florida arrived to help (24). An 8,000-acre burn out help bring the 30,593-acre wildfire burning on North Carolina's Holly Shelter Game Lands to 68% containment (25). With the help of rain, firefighters in Florida reported that wildfire activity had dropped from 400 fires to about 218 still active (26); followed by a story about the contribution of fire behavior analysts in roping in Florida's wildfires (27). Wildfires were reported in Italy, Spain, and Portugal yesterday (28). Australia's Prime Minister praised Victoria's successful Latrobe Bushfire Recovery Community Jobs Project in a ceremony earlier this week (29); while the Bushfire Front chairman is urging more vegetation clearance around Perth, Western Australia, to reduce the bushfire danger (30); but despite the fact that some areas have been designated as extreme bushfire risk areas, the Insurance Council of Australia has assured homeowners that their homeowner insurance rates won't skyrocket (31). And finally, firefighters performed a tricky extrication on a Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, man whose hand became stuck in a gas tank while he was trying to extricate a Snickers bar!

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