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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Andrew Madsen, Public Affairs Officer for Southern California's Los Padres National Forest, reported on one remaining wildfire still burning after numerous lightning-sparked blazes cropped up over the weekend (1); but the ongoing war of words between US Forest Service and fire officials in Santa Barbara County over nearby Santa Maria Air Tanker Base is explored by the next article (2); the mayor of Santa Barbara joining the chorus, as a video segment shows (3); followed by an update on wildfires that have scorched nearly 100 mi.² in the state (4); where firefighters were making progress on the 3,000-acre wildfire burning along Highway 395 in Inyo County (5); but after being pummeled by over 700 lightning strikes, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest reports 19 wildfires burning (6). Although 26 new fires have cropped up in Idaho's Boise National Forest, overall this fire season has been relatively mild (7); another article discussing the proper handling of fire in tinder-dry vegetation by outdoorsman (8). A summary of wildfire activity in Texas is provided by the next item (9); where fire officials said that the 34,000 acre wildfire that has destroyed nearly 1,600 homes in Bastrop County is now 75% contained (10); but a cold front advancing into Bexar County could substantially increase the fire danger today (11); the long-term effect of the Texas wildfires being examined by the next article (12); followed by another that takes a look at one fire department's "Storm & Swarm" tactics in fighting wildfires (13); the next offering useful tips to residents of Houston on what to do if wildfires approach (14). A striking NASA satellite photo shows the path of destruction wrought by wildfires in Bastrop County, Texas (15); where a couple of deer managed to grab some bites at a feeder as flames burned behind them (16); underscoring the fact that in every dark cloud there is a silver lining, as scientists are learning much about how wildlife adapts after wildfires burn through an area (17); but the next story explores the lost opportunity for a Texas Forest Service plan which could have prevented much of the destruction wrought by wildfires this year (18); while the value of implementing Firewise programs has been emphasized by the wildfire losses to date (19). The Department of Housing and Urban Development indicated that homeowners who suffered losses in the Texas wildfires will be eligible to tap into disaster relief programs offered by the agency (20); followed by an article that takes a look at drought conditions across the Southeast, where nearly 97 percent of Texas is in either exceptional or extreme drought (21). A volunteer firefighter has been arrested in Allen County, Kansas, after allegedly setting a number of blazes (22); while hunting trails have been closed in Montana's Flathead National Forest due to the 1,549-acre Puzzle Fire (23). A video segment from Minnesota shows firefighters battling the massive fire in the Superior National Forest (24); with firefighters arriving from other states to help (25); and snow dampening the fire activity a bit (26); but the US Forest Service is on the hot seat again for letting the blaze expand unchecked to 100,000 acres in size (27); spreading smoke as far as Crawford County, Michigan (28); as well as Wisconsin's Fox Valley (29). Canada's Yukon Wildland Fire Management agency reported that a 50 ha wildfire burning near Pelly Crossing was now under control (30); and in southern Europe, wildfires were reported in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, and Turkey (31). Firefighters had to be airlifted over rough terrain to reach a wildfire burning in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (32); but Indonesia's government has once again declined help from nearby Singapore in snuffing wildfires which are engulfing the city-state in smoke (33). In Australia, a bushfire that was threatening homes in South Burnett, Queensland, is now under control (34). And finally, a young red tailed hawk which was forced out of its nest by the Wallow Fire has been released back into the wild by the Arizona Game and Fish Department!

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