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Saturday, September 06, 2008


First up in the news today, an article passed along by San Diego FD Deputy Chief Fennessy about newly-unveiled Copter 2, followed by one on tree myths in which San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum Director Rick Halsey is quoted. Next up, a trip down memory lane from Idaho discussing some myths and verities on cattle range fire control. There was a spate of small blazes in Gold Rush country, as shown by the next two stories, and along I-5 north of LA, as well as some suspicious ones outside East Wenatchee, WA. Idaho firefighters are eyeing the South Barker Fire as it moves out of the Sawtooth National Forest towards some homes, and Colorado firefighters face a similar dilemma from a much smaller fire. Switching overseas, three articles about forest fires in Bulgaria start off the international wildfire news, with France leading the charge of the EU/NATO response. Those pesky terrorists are talking about setting forest fires again, as an Australian article details. The last article tallies up the death and destruction from wildfires in Mozambique (722 homes destroyed, 33,0000 acres burned, over 2,000 people displaced, and 21 killed).

San Diego Fire-Rescue shows off Copter 2

Formerly revered trees get bad rap after wildfires

Weather, fuel, chief factors in '07 Idaho wildfire

Vegetation Fires Near Tuolumne

Jawbone Fire In Stanislaus National Forest

Brush fires in Castaic close four lanes on 1-5

Firefighters tackle three suspicious blazes near Loop Trail

Forest fire grows as firefighters seek to safeguard subdivision

Wildfire burning in Basalt causes limited evacuations

Wildfire in Rila engulfs 130 hectares of pine forest

Bulgaria seeks EU, NATO help for battling huge forest fire

France sends two planes to help Bulgaria put out wildfire

Islam group urges forest fire jihad

Mozambique: Death Toll From Bush Fires Reaches 21

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