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Monday, September 22, 2008


Fewer wildfire stories today, but there are some gems in the mix, leading off with two technology stories: one about a high-desert resident who has invented a mobile water tank for firefighting, followed by another about a fire sensing device that uses trees for power. West Virginians take a hard look at wildfires in the West, while administrators in Colorado want detailed wildfire plans for counties there. The Hidden Fire in Sequoia is still making the news, though the resources fighting it are being scaled back some, and Oregon crews are closing the ring on the fire at Crater Lake. A report on boreal forest fire pollution from NASA is provided in podcast format, and an Op-Ed article from Redding faults firefighting strategy in light of larger wildfires. Rich Brooks delivers another interesting article about the impending Santa Ana weather amid a shortage of firefighters and equipment (and a mention of an idea kicking around in San Diego: pre-positioning fire apparatus), while folks at Big Bear are being encouraged to get out and plant trees in burn areas. Going overseas, the wildfires in the former Yugoslavia are causing firefighters headaches there as residents are evacuated in Croatia.

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