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Saturday, October 19, 2013


As the 10th anniversary of San Diego County, California's, Cedar Fire approaches, a KPBS segment interviews the author of a book about the 280,000-acre blaze which destroyed more than 2,200 homes and hundreds of other buildings, killing 15 people (1); 1991's Oakland Hill's Fire, which killed 25 people and destroyed over 3,900 houses and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, being remembered as the "fire of the future", foreshadowing other mega-fires to come (2); but a lecturer from the University of California, Merced, talked about the thankfulness of mountain dwellers towards firefighters who battled the more recent Rim Fire (3). The federal shutdown slowed logging that reduces the wildfire danger in Colorado's Pitkin County (4); while a former volunteer firefighter accused of setting 14 wildfires in Reno County, Kansas, has been given probation (5); and the impact of wildfires in the West on the timber harvest in northern Wisconsin is examined by the next article (6). A 20-year veteran from the Ohio Interagency Fire Crew has returned home after fighting California's Rim Fire (7); but the New Jersey state climatologist indicated that much of the state will have an increased risk of wildfires over the next week (8); while firefighters in Manatee County, Florida, were being credited with saving five homes from a wildfire (9). Fire crews in New South Wales, Australia, strived against massive wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of homes in the Blue Mountains region (10); a computer simulation being credited with saving lives in the Blue Mountains by allowing Rural Fire Service to predict where a bushfire was going to burn ahead of time (11); where the Springwood Sports Club is being used as an evacuation center (12); while a veterinarian was taking care of pets and wildlife impacted by the fire (13); the Rural Fire Service Commissioner reiterating that these bushfires could last for weeks (14); but other states have sent 1,600 personnel to help (15); a video showing firefighting helicopters loading up to fight bushfires (16); but the early start to the bushfire season left a critical heli-tanker grounded due to the lack of pilots from the US (17); while the Australian Defense Force is investigating whether explosive ordnance training may have sparked a massive bushfire near Lithgow in the Blue Mountains (18); a photo spread being provided by the next article (19); but use of fireworks in Sydney raise the ire of people fearful that they could spark new bushfires (20); while the Pope prayed for bushfire survivors (21); and the Prime Minister indicated that the federal government would be picking up 50% of the cost (22); the next article detailing how people can help bushfire survivors (23); a retired Australian Broadcasting Corporation reporter who lost his home in the fires vowing to rebuild (24). And finally, Roxborough Fire Mitigation Committee has unleashed a ravening horde on Douglas County, Colorado: 380 goats!

(1) Video: Ramona Author and Cal Fire Talk Cedar Fire 10th Anniversary

(2) Legendary Oakland Hills Fire Remembered after 22 Years

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