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Thursday, December 13, 2012


The value of credit cards in dealing with disasters like wildfires is explored in our first article today (1). A letter to the editor of a Southern California mountain community discusses opposition by the Idyllwild Fire Protection District (IFPD) to the state's $115 fire fee (2); while a Natural Resource Specialist with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension offers some tips to homeowners living in that state's high fire hazard areas (3). In an effort to help Colorado recover quickly from this summer's wildfires, both its US Senators introduced a bill in Congress which aims to increase funds available for the USDA's Emergency Watershed Protection Program (4); and in the meantime, researchers at the University of Colorado, Denver, have come up with a real-time method for tracking wildfires (5). In British Columbia, Canada, the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is concerned about the province's wildfire plan, which lacks any provision for wildfire mitigation on private property and managed forest lands (6). Although a trio of bushfire experts, including Wildfire NOTD subscriber Richard Thornton, Research Director and Deputy CEO of Bushfire CRC, indicated that Australian communities are better prepared for bushfires, the populace, psychologically, is not (7); while Dr. Thornton also stated that grassland areas in the interior faced an above-normal risk for bushfires this summer (8); this at a time when residents of Victoria seem to be ignoring bushfire warning messages, according to another Bushfire CRC researcher (9). Queensland's Principle Scientist for the Department of Science, Information, Innovation and the Arts discussed what authorities do to prepare for bushfire season in a radio segment (10). And finally, arson investigators have discovered a worrying new way to start fires: arson by cyber attack!

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