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Monday, March 05, 2012


Washington state plans to close a prison camp near Arlington which housed 180 inmate firefighters during fire season (1); while fire crews roped in a 20-acre wildfire reported in Arizona's Coronado National Forest over the weekend (2). Firefighters in Boulder County, Colorado, quickly contained a two-acre wildfire in Lefthand Canyon (3); but a 650-acre blaze near Wellington in Larimer County took a bit more effort (4). The National Weather Service has issued Red Flag warnings for 16 counties in western Oklahoma (5). A P-2V pilot based in Abilene, Texas, reports on what it's like to fly fires (6); even as Texas Forest Service and fire departments across that state prepare for the next big fire season (7); while residents of Bastrop County are rebuilding slowly (8); and a pastor's family received a brand-new home to replace the one destroyed by wildfires (9); government officials in Austin debating the virtues of drafting a new ordinance that would require more fire-resistant home construction and regulations to keep brush clear around homes (10). FireSafe Montana is beginning to conduct meetings with wildfire professionals across the state to better inform the public on how to protect their homes from wildfires (11); but strong winds over the weekend forecast for 44 counties in Arkansas kept fire departments on the alert (12). Firefighters in Pennsylvania were busy on Saturday preparing for what's projected to be an active fire season (13). Florida Division of Forestry officials fear that this year's fire season could be as bad as 1998's very active season (14); where fire officials were investigating a 60-acre wildfire which broke out near some homes in Lake County on Saturday (15); and firefighters battled a number of wildfires in Volusia County as well (16); but an abundance of rainfall in Marion County, Florida, has significantly reduced the wildfire danger (17). Wildfires have devastated parts of India's Nagarahole National Park (18); and as that nation copes with more wildfires in the Melghat region, additional funds should help (19); but an Op-Ed piece decries apathy by senior officials in regards to a 6,000-acre wildfire that blazed through Nagarhole Tiger Reserve (20). Wildfires have kept firefighters in northern Thailand fairly busy (21); the smoke from those fires prompting the Prime Minister to impose penalties on nine governors if they didn't get the situation under control (22). A wildfire continues to burn in Vietnam's Hoang Lien Son National Park (23). An Australian power utility has decided to settle a Black Saturday bushfire class-action suit about to begin in the Victorian Supreme Court out of court (24); while a total fire ban has been declared along Western Australia's South Coast Highway near Albany (25). And finally, firefighters in South Carolina will have to and a new hazard to their wildfire training: getting bit by a fox!

(1) State to demolish prison camp near Arlington

(2) Wildfire breaks out near Parker Canyon Lake

(3) Small Fire Flares Up In Lefthand Canyon

(4) 650 Acres Burned In Grass Fire Near Wellington

(5) National Weather Service issues red flag fire warning for 16 western Oklahoma counties

(6) Zapping wildfires: Abilene air tanker pilot stares down the heat

(7) Local and state firefighters prepare for the next big

(8) Communities rebuild six months after deadly wildfires

(9) Bastrop Pastor and Wife Get Brand-New Home After Wildfire Destroyed Their Church and Home

(10) Cities, counties, homeowners - who is responsible for wildfire prevention?

(11) FireSafe Montana conference set for March 10 in Columbus

(12) National Weather Service issues fire watch

(13) Regional training for possibly busy wildfire season

(14) Flagler Forest Division Chief Warns of Fire Season “Possibly as Severe as 1998”

(15) Wildfire breaks out near dozens of homes in Lake County

(16) Firefighters battle brush fires in western Volusia

(17) Recent rain improves wildfire conditions

(18) Nation in a State: A fire in the forest

(19) Forest department to get more funds to tackle fires

(20) Nagarhole Tiger Reserve smoulders, but who cares?

(21) Wildfire Reported in Northern Provinces

(22) PM warns governors to act on haze

(23) Forest fire spreads in Hoang Lien Son National Park

(24) Bushfire class action likely to settle

(25) Total Fire ban declared for Tuesday

(26) S.C. Firefighter Bitten by Fox Following Training

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