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Thursday, September 20, 2012


In Southern California, a freeway interchange has been named in honor of two Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters who were killed battling the Station Fire in 2009 (1); while a 108-mile fuel break is being created to protect the mountain community of Big Bear (2). Coos Forest Protective Association announced containment on two wildfires burning in Central Oregon (3); but the Pole Creek Fire has now burned 24,392 acres south of Sisters and is only 40% contained (4). The wildfire situation in Washington state is summarized by the next article (5); where the 2,200-acre Yakima Complex is 40% contained (6); but still more evacuations have been ordered (7); and smoke closed a 27-mile portion of US 97 (8); wildfire smoke in Spokane causing air quality officials to issue warnings to people with respiratory problems (9); while orchard workers in Chelan County are also being impacted (10); the following article providing a behind-the-scenes look at a fire camp near the Okanogan Complex (11); but the elevated fire danger has forced Montesano to close 5,000-acres of forest lands around the city (12). Firefighters have brought containment of Idaho's 350-acre Karney Fire to 20% (13); however, wildfire smoke has reduced visibility at Boise Airport to only 3 miles (14); and the economic impact of Idaho's 170,000-acre Halstead Fire on the town of Stanley is explore by the next article (15); but an unexpected bonus of the Idaho wildfires is a treasure trove of Native American artifacts (16). Utah's Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands Director discusses the issue of terrorists setting wildfires in the West in the next article (17). More details on the man accused of starting a 58,500-acre wildfire in Creek County, Oklahoma, where 376 homes were destroyed, is provided by the next article (18); where the deadline for applying for Disaster Unemployment Assistance is fast approaching (19). Texas Forest Service reported a 400-acre wildfire in Walker County (20). A couple of wildfires have been reported in North and South Dakota (21); more details on North Dakota's fires provided by the next item (22); but despite cooler temperatures, South Dakota's Division of Wildland Fire is reminding hunters to be cognizant of the wildfire danger (23). Having reported 138 wildfires in the first two weeks of September, Minnesota is imposing fire restrictions on 22 counties (24). A pair of articles from Wisconsin discuss the pros and cons of how federal action/inaction is affecting wildfires across the Western US (25)(26); and a 1.5-acre wildfire was reported east of Altoona (27). A teenage firefighter has been accused of setting several wildland fires in Robeson County, North Carolina (28); while Alaska Division of Forestry has sent hundreds of firefighters to the Lower 48 to battle wildfires this season (29). Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources reported on current wildfires in a year that has seen 1,570 fires scorch 150,151 hectares (30). Portugal and Serbia remained two hotspots in Europe (31); fierce winds and difficult terrain making the fight in Serbia's Tara National Park much more difficult (32). The next article takes a look at wildfires in the African nation of Namibia, where blazes have scorched 33,500 acres so far this year (33). The law firm for a class-action suit against the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales governments has settled a 2003 bushfires claim (34); and in the meantime, New South Wales Rural Fire Service is taking advantage of Fire Awareness Day to warn people to prepare for the upcoming bushfire season (35). A price tag of $4.2 million has forced the Shire of Colac-Otway, Victoria, to forgo building bushfire refuges (36); while South Australia Country Fire Service is urging homeowners to prepare for the upcoming bushfire season (37). And finally, wildfires survivors in East Texas found a unique way to commemorate those who were less fortunate: a balloon release!

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