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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Our first article takes a closer look at a deadly highway collision in Southern California's high desert between a van and a truck transporting inmate wildland firefighters (1); and Riverside County firefighters battled a blaze at the Coachella Valley Preserve which could spread to 10 acres before it's finally contained (2). Santa Barbara County Fire Department has declared an end to the wildfire season for this year (3); while the codependent ecology of New Jersey's pygmy pines, tiny trees which depend on wildfires, is examined in the next article (4). Despite the extreme heat and rampant wildfires in Russia this summer, much of the population remain skeptical about climate change (5); but the destruction wrought by bushfires (among other things) in Ghana, Africa, are translating into thousand of jobs for people replanting forests (6). A bushfire burning to the east of Perth, Western Australia, has forced road closures and home evacuation warnings (7); as arsonists were blamed for 291 fires that have burned across Western Australia during the past month (8). And finally, a firehouse in Boulder, Colorado, that was destroyed by the Fourmile Canyon Fire may be the firehouse that books rebuild!

(1) San Diego - Firefighter Sanchez killed in crash at age 25 dies a hero

(2) Vegetation Fire in Sky Valley Under Investigation

(3) SB County declares end of fire season

(4) Wildfires stunt pygmy pines' growth, yet they thrive on it

(5) Horror summer fails to shift Russia climate skepticism

(6) 51,000 jobs to be created through forest plantation

(7) Residents urged to evacuate as fire threatens homes

(8) Arsonists light 291 fires in 27 days in WA fire spree

(9) Boulder Fire Book Proceeds To Rebuild Firehouse

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