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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Having seen their fuel-thinning funds go up in smoke every year, federal fire agencies have moved President Obama to set aside an additional $350 million in case their firefighting funds are expended prematurely, in our first wildfire story today. Unwilling to wait for the California Public Utilities Commission to rule on their plan to shut off power to rural communities during windy days, San Diego Gas & Electric will proceed with this plan commencing 9/1. Evacuees were allowed to return to their homes in and around Bishop; but a 20-year-old US Forest Service firefighter was killed during a helicopter rappelling exercise in Humboldt County yesterday. The status of wildfires in Utah, Montana, and Idaho is provided by the next three articles. A couple of wildfires are burning more acreage in Louisiana's Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. Trouble in paradise, as a 400-acre wildfire burns on Oahu in Hawaii; while natural gas drillers were unfazed by a nearby wildfire in Alaska. As if the Canadian town of Nanaimo didn't already have problems enough with an arsonist setting wildfires, now squatters are apparently lighting a few in the British Columbia community! The next story deals with one of the downsides to mass evacuations: mass burglaries! A trio of wildfires was sparked by lightning in the forests of Canada's Yukon. The Cumbria Wildfire Group is preparing for wildfires in the UK this summer; but a wildfire in Spain has claimed the lives of four firefighters. The island nation of Sri Lanka has a wildfire blazing. An Australian town and a power company are tussling over who will pay the bill for a bushfire caused by power lines; while a community in Victoria feels that the proposed bushfire warning system needs to be enhanced. Country Fire Authority is retaining a fire captain suspected by police of setting arson fires in Victoria during the Black Saturday bushfires.

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