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Saturday, October 27, 2012


A heavy air attack assisted Los Angeles County firefighters on the ground in snuffing a small wildfire in the Southern California seaside community of Malibu yesterday afternoon (1); even as the National Weather Service extended Red Flag warnings due to Santa Ana winds into Saturday afternoon (2); and CAL FIRE is keeping their main air-tanker base in San Diego County on high alert until Santa Ana winds die down this evening (3); trouncing even backyard fires due to the extreme fire danger (4); while the Los Padres National Forest has beefed-up personnel to handle any blazes the winds may stir up in their neck of the woods as well (5). An Oregon state senator blames federal mismanagement for losses suffered by many in Fremont-Winema National Forest's Barry Point wildfire (6). As wildfires ravage forest land in Kittitas County, Washington, spotted owl researchers feared the worst for the subjects of their study (7); crews in Chelan County racing to complete Burned Area Emergency Recovery operations ahead of snowstorms (8). The efforts of Arizona's 4-Forest Restoration Initiative to thin 300,000 acres of timber over the next 10 years is examined by the next article (9); but more accurate mapping has reduced the size of a wildfire burning in New Mexico's Carson National Forest to 363 acres (10). Snowfall is assisting fire crews battling two Colorado wildfires (11); where a nonprofit has raised $25,000 for Forest restoration of areas hard hit by the Waldo Canyon and High Park fires (12); while a man has been arrested for starting a wildfire which burned 400 acres in Montezuma County, forcing hundreds to be evacuated (13). In Utah, state wildlife officials are planning to spread 2 million pounds of seed in areas scarred by wildfires this year (14); and fire crews have begun burning some 5,000 slash piles in Wyoming's Medicine Bow and Routt National Forest (15). A 100-acre fire in Clay County, Kentucky, has been contained (16); as has a 75-acre blaze near Morehead (17); but six other blazes in Pike, Floyd, Magoffin, and Martin Counties are being chalked up to arson (18); fire crews in Estill County bringing a 55-acre blaze near to containment (19). Cullman County, Alabama, became the 800th community to join the National Fire Protection Association's Firewise Communities Program (20); but a small wildfire burned between 2 and 3 acres outside of Chelsea, Ontario, Canada (21). The International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along a call for abstracts on topics relating to the impact of wildfires on soil for their upcoming meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, next July (22). Heading to Australia, fire crews in Queensland are tired of battling gusty weather, the norm for the past two weeks (23); instead, they're hoping that more favorable weather will help them with their battle against 42 bushfires burning across the state (24). The ongoing war of words between foresters and environmentalists in Tasmania is explored by the next article (25). And finally, despite all the high-tech means of spotting wildfires, San Diego County's last lookout tower still does things the old-fashioned way!

(1) UPDATE: Firefighters Knock Down Malibu Brush Fire

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(3) Cal Fire on alert throughout red flag warning

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(23) Gusty weather concerns Queensland firefighters

(24) 42 fires burning across Queensland on Saturday afternoon, being fought by 122 vehicles and 15 aircraft

(25) Tasmania's forest wars fire up

(26) Looking Out For Fire The Old Fashioned Way

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