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Friday, September 26, 2008


Things are heating up in Kentucky, as the first story out of the chute today shows, and in the Cascades as well. USFS has released the info on how much we lucky taxpayers get to fork out for recovery work after the fires in Big Sur, while some local businesses fork out some bucks to Washington firefighters for a nifty electronic billboard. Both Colorado and California had some fire activity, described in the next two items, and firefighters in Utah have decided to just 'let 'em burn'. Bitterroot National Forest managers may be getting a refund to help with their infrastructure maintenance, while a wildfire in Oregon, appropriately named The Wizard Fire, magically escaped containment. On a more somber note, families in Northern California are holding a fund-raising event to provide money to the families of the P-2V that crashed fighting fires in their area (as mentioned in a previous e-mail, air-tanker crew are considered 'contractors' and, as such, their families are not eligible for the $275,000 Public Safety Officer (PSOB) death benefit fallen city firefighters' families collect from Department of Justice. For anyone interested in contributing to pilot Gene Wahlstrom's Memorial Fund at Associated Air-Tanker Pilots, send donations to Gabrielle Newhart at Newhart Bookkeeping, 711D Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448-3669, 707-433-4866). My friend and fellow Toastmaster Assistant Fire Chief John Todd of LA County FD Forestry Division is next up in a radio discussion about protecting your home from wildfires (the commentator mis-labeling him as a captain - oops). Moving overseas, more fire trouble in the Mediterranean as Israel gets burned. And finally, two cautionary tales: one about the dangers of using firefighting aircraft near horses, and the second about rip-off artists in San Diego after the 2007 wildfires.

Fighting Fires in the Daniel Boone National Forest

Oakridge area fire expands, fueled by wind, dry forest

U.S. Forest Service releases report on Big Sur fire damages

Grant to fund electronic billboard for firefighters

Wildfire burns near Hotchkiss

Small Tahoe wildfire squelched

4 southern Utah fires left to burn

Forest Service may recoup some fire money

Sisters ranger vows review of escaped-burn wildfire

Alpine residents host raffle for tanker crew's family

Officials offer tips for protecting your home from wildfire

Forest Fire Near Haifa

Horse dies after falling 150 feet in Henry Cowell State

Escondido Couple Arrested for False Wildfire Insurance Claims

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