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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


A 15-acre wildfire burning in inaccessible terrain on a California delta island south of Sacramento will be allowed to burn itself out (1). Multiple fire agencies came together to reevaluate Nevada's Elko County Community Wildfire Protection and Risk Assessment Plan (2); even as two Bureau of Land Management firefighters received commendations for their work in that state (3). Firefighters in Flagstaff, Arizona, snuffed a four-acre wildfire on the outskirts of town (4); another blaze north of Tucson was limited to less than 1 acre (5). CAL FIRE's aerial firefighting fleet has served as inspiration for Colorado legislators who feel that $20 million should be enough to field an air-tanker force of their own (6); and with Red Flag warnings issued for Larimer County, fire crews will probably wish they already had that air-tanker force in the days to come (7); a volunteer firefighter who was severely burned in a 24,000-acre wildfire in Yuma County last year reminiscing about the blaze (8); but as winters become shorter and drier, some are arguing that the climate, not the calendar, should determine when wildfire resources are required (9). An article looks at the impact human-caused wildfires have on Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest (10). A wildfire in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which burned 260 acres, destroying 60 cabins, has been contained with the help of heavy rainfall (11); vacationers and local residents reflecting on the destruction done (12); while firefighters got quite a workout battling the blaze (13); and a nice assist from local residents and businesses who kept them fed (14). Several wildfires have already been reported in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, so far this year (15); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tyler Miller sending along a blog post about the New Jersey Forest Fire Service's 2013 contract air schedule that sheds some light on the aerial firefighting resources available in the Garden State (16). Red Flag warnings were raised in more than two dozen counties across North Carolina due to high winds (17). Scott Hawkins, Public Information Director for South Carolina Forestry Commission, sent along an interesting link that discusses wildfires in a state where 98% of the 3,000+ blazes annually are human-caused (18); some impressive video footage showing the narrow escape of two women from the Carolina Forest wildfire in Horry County (19); where families are still picking up the pieces from that devastating wildfire (20); while survivors of a massive 2009 Horry County blaze reflected on the destruction done by last weekend's fire (21); an Op-Ed piece discussing the need for more funding of the South Carolina Forestry Commission to allow them to better fight wildfires (22). A list of active wildfires in Northeast Florida is provided by the next item (23); where news media footage provided some clues to the Florida Forest Service on the cause of a 13-acre wildfire (24). The story of how a postgraduate physics student is deploying a system of cameras to detect wildfires in Russia is provided by the next article (25); followed by a photo spread which shows firefighters in action against a wildfire outside of Moodubelle, India (26). As Victoria, Australia, prepares for disasters of the future, such as bushfires, the tally over the last 10 years adds up to over $4 billion (27); but the media was barred from a hearing over the Harrietville bushfire response to prevent "grandstanding" by survivors (28); tourist operators in the Grampians complaining that endless bushfire warnings are scaring away their business (29); while a former Country Fire Authority captain provides some advice on what to do as bushfires approach (30). And finally, a firefighter in Van Buren County, Michigan, once again proved that firefighters are a dog's best friend!

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