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Monday, December 15, 2008


Wildfire news leads off today with another excellent article from Richard Brooks of San Bernardino Press-Enterprise, this time providing a close-up view of one of the workhorses of wildfire fighting, the Erickson Air-Crane, before they head home for the winter, and CAL FIRE releases seasonal firefighters after a busy season, as recounted by the article that follows. The next item touches on something that recedes from view all too quickly after the fires are out: the plight of the victims. As a major storm hits Southern California, two articles underscore the danger from mudslides in the burn areas. An Op-Ed piece by the director of the John Muir Project offers an environmentalist's viewpoint on an article listed in News Of The Day 12/1: "Sierra Nevada climate changes feed monster, forest-devouring fires". The new administration is putting together a team to tackle climate change (and the resultant wildfires) 'head on', as related by the next article, and with the new administration, there is hope that USFS upper management will be more agreeable to change than administrations stretching back many years have been. Moving to Florida, rains have still not driven fuel moisture levels up enough to give them relief from potential wildfires. Moving overseas, Epson is wading into restoration of Portugal's forests after the devastating wildfires they've had there in the past couple of years, and in Tanzania, Africa, there is a great deal of discussion regarding their forest resources and how best to utilize them in a responsible manner. Down Under, Victoria, Australia is thankful for some soaking rains that have reduced bushfire danger there, at least until the first of the year, but cattlemen in that state are miffed with fire authorities on the proposed fire plan that could chase their herds out of the forested areas, and a firebug is vexing authorities in New South Wales.

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