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Friday, June 29, 2012


Our first article today takes a behind-the-scenes look at incident command headquarters that are coordinating firefighting efforts in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Montana (1); followed by a new map from NASA that shows how wildfires across the West are spreading pollution across the country (2). An update on Colorado's wildfires is provided by the next article (3); where lightning sparked a wildfire near Eagle that had expanded to about 7 acres Thursday night (4); and a 12,047-acre wildfire closed Highway 70 in De Beque Canyon (5); wildfires prompting the White House to declare the state a major federal disaster zone (6); Pres. Obama planning to arrive at noon today to tour burn areas hard hit by wildfires (7); but pre-evacuation notices for Douglas County were canceled as firefighters brought containment on the 16,750-acre Waldo Canyon Fire to 15% (8); nevertheless, the wildfire claimed its first victim (9); and authorities are concerned about a missing elderly couple last seen pulling into their garage as the fire approached their Colorado Springs neighborhood (10); where authorities are probing whether the blaze was an arson job (11); even as conspiracy theorists postulate that terrorists may be setting some of Colorado's wildfires (12); in the meantime, all eight MAFFS-equipped C-130 military aircraft will begin operating out of Peterson Air Force Base on Saturday (13); the next item providing some striking photos of the wildfires as seen from the International Space Station (14); while U.S. Bancorp Foundation donated $75,000 to the Red Cross to help wildfire evacuees (15). A summary of wildfire activity in Utah, where 120,000 acres have burned, is provided by the next article (16); followed by a tally of firefighter injuries on those blazes (17); and an article which provides a first-person perspective on being close to a wildfire (18). Wildfire activity in Wyoming, where a 36 mi.² blaze is churning through Bridger-Teton National Forest, is provided by the next article (19); where the weather appears to be helping firefighters for a change (20). As weather conditions dry out and heat up, fire officials in Montana's Lewis and Clark National Forest are bracing for wildfires (21); a radio station in Helena joining up with Red Cross in a fundraiser to help wildfire survivors (22). A 550-acre wildfire was reported in Missouri's Mark Twain National Forest (23); and Arkansas Forestry Commission reported a wildfire in Lonoke County yesterday (24). Weather conditions in Kentucky, where 100 acres went up in flames this past week, is the focus of the next article (25). Canadian air-tankers were called in to help fight a 1.5 ha wildfire near Penticton, British Columbia (26); the following article taking a look at the rising wildfire danger in northwestern Ontario (27). A radio segment from Victoria, Australia, draws parallels between Colorado's firestorm and the Black Saturday bushfires (28); Victoria's Premier worrying that reception black spots in the new disaster alert system might prevent bushfire warnings from reaching people in danger (29). And finally, we have a case of extreme devotion to duty, as a rookie firefighter allowed her own house to burn as she protected her town from the Colorado wildfires!

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(30) Rookie Firefighter Sees Own House Burn as She Protects Town

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