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Friday, February 18, 2011


California residents who inadvertently sparked a 7,000-acre Inyo National Forest wildfire in 2006 have paid $1 million to the federal government to cover suppression costs (1); and although a wildfire burning along the Mexico-Arizona border has grown to nearly 2,000 acres, most of the additional burns will now be generated by firefighters in an effort to rope it in (2). Wildfires kept firefighters in the Texas Panhandle very busy this week, with the weekend weather forecast promising more of the same (3); but a firefighter from the Kentucky Division of Forestry has died of injuries sustained in a wildfire he fought last year (4). With parts of Tennessee considered to be in severe drought, warming temperatures are increasing the wildfire risk substantially (5); and after the loss of 21% of their wildland firefighters to budget cuts last year, the Alabama Forestry Commission could be hard pressed as the wildfire threat increases (6). A fire department in upstate New York will be using federal funds to purchase a new fire truck for battling wildfires (7); but with 13 fires reported in Maryland over the past week, forecasters are expecting high fire danger across the region, including Washington DC (8). U.S. Forest Service firefighters managed to corral a wildfire that burned 702 acres in Virginia's Jefferson National Forest (9); however, with no rain forecast until next Tuesday, the Virginia Beach Fire Department is cautioning homeowners about the high wildfire threat (10); and fire agencies across that state warned residents of extreme wildfire danger today and tomorrow (11). As warm, windy weather continues to elevate the wildfire danger across the Carolinas, the next article provides a summary of blazes in the region (12); with one fire near Jude's Gap, North Carolina, having passed the thousand-acre mark (13); all of which is doing nothing to allay the fears of officials in Rockingham County (14). U.S. Forest Service has published plans for controlled burns on over 27,000 acres in Georgia (15); but wildfires in Ireland cost nearly $5 million to clean up after last year (16). An investigation into misuse of wildfire-fighting funds is being conducted in the Indian state of Mizoram (17); Vietnamese officials are warning residents of the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak of an increased wildfire danger (18); and the Indonesian city of Dumai in Riau Province was inundated with wildfire smoke, causing problems for motorists (19). The chairman of Western Australia's 'Bushfire Front' think tank weighs in on how better to prevent bushfires in that state (20); but due to an abundance of moisture earlier this year, northeast Victoria fire managers are expecting a quiet bushfire season (21); however, the head of Country Fire Authority warned residents in the southwest not to become complacent about the danger (22). And finally, in a bizarre case from Victoria a law firm filed a lawsuit for bushfire damages without their 'client' even being aware they were doing so!

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