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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Consideration by the Federal Aviation Administration to close the air traffic control tower at Southern California's Ramona Airport has raised issues in regards to firefighting air-tankers flying out of the air attack base (1); but with the departure of air-tanker giant Aero Union from Chico Municipal Airport, revenue deficits have impacted operations there (2). Property owners in Ashland, Oregon, are being offered a $500 grant to help with vegetation clearance ahead of wildfire season (3); while New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest will be conducting controlled burns on 300 acres over the next few weeks (4). Colorado's US Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennett praised the U.S. Senate for passage of the Emergency Watershed Protection program, which will provide $48 million to help repair damage done by wildfires in 2012 (5); but a 5% cut in US Forest Service's budget translates into 500 fewer firefighters and 50 fewer engines to man the firelines this summer (6). The Bigfork Emergency Response Team will be discussing the history of wildfires in northwest Montana on March 21st (7); while the Tri-County Fire Safe Working Group is making preparations for what's projected to be a bad fire season (8). Snowfall today should lessen the wildfire danger in Michigan this summer (9). A retired District Conservationist for the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service provided advice to people interested in a wildland firefighting career with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (10); and West Virginia Division of Forestry provides some useful tips on preventing wildfires during that state's spring forest fire season in the next article (11). The 533-acre wildfire burning in North Carolina's Croatan National Forest is nearly contained (12). A total of $3.7 million in air-tanker base improvements at Campbell River, British Columbia, should be completed just in time for wildfire season on June 1st (13); even as Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources is making preparations of its own for the upcoming fire season (14); but wildfires added to a $450 million budget overrun in Alberta last year (15). Heading to the Caribbean, a bushfire on St. Kitts threatened a nearby home (16); while a wildfire in the Dominican Republic's Bermudez National Park required their air force to helicopter firefighters into rugged terrain (17); and Cuba's Ranger Corps indicated that 90% of the 421 wildfires that broke out in 2012 were caused by people (18). A 140-hectare wildfire in Matanza, Colombia, continues to challenge both firefighters and the South American nation's air force (19); while a two-hectare wind-driven heath fire was reported at Stoborough Heath in Dorset County, UK (20). A report from the African nation of Ghana shows that anti-bushfire committees are not being established by district assemblies as required by law (21). A wildfire in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan blazed across 500 acres outside of Tongshang gewog (22); and continued drought in Viet Nam's Mekong Delta has forced farmers to prepare for wildfires (23). An interview with a New Zealand Department of Conservation ranger provide some background information on how Kiwis helped fight bushfires in Victoria, Australia (24); while in Victoria, a grant of $1.7 million from the state government will help bolster tourism in bushfire-hit Alpine Shire (25). An update on the fire situation in South Australia is provided by the next item (26). Several bushfires were reported in Tasmania (27); where two firefighters required hospital care due to smoke inhalation (28); but the weather outlook isn't particularly encouraging (29). And finally, at time when budgets are being slashed and fire departments downsized, Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is providing funds to keep them running!

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