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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


High winds from a storm front moving through the southwestern US will increase the danger of wildfires for states across the region (1). Idaho's governor argued for more extensive logging in that state to prevent catastrophic wildfires (2); while Missoula County, Montana, is going to court to battle for implementation of a forest restoration project in the Lolo National Forest intended to reduce wildfires (3). Precipitation offered only a temporary respite to Eastern Jackson County, Missouri, where wildfire conditions have now worsened again (4); and Kentucky's Cumberland Gap National Park plans to burn 400 acres in prescribed fires over the next two months to reduce the wildfire risk there (5). Hurricane-felled timber is causing concern for Maryland Department of Natural Resources firefighters because of the danger of wildfires in the debris (6). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dr. Tyler Miller sent along an article about the importance of controlled burns in New Jersey's Pinelands National Reserve (7); where a trio of alleged wildfire arsonists were apprehended after setting a fire at the Heritage Minerals Site (8). As West Virginia's spring wildfire season begins tomorrow, authorities laid out the ground rules for debris burns in the next article (9); but despite difficult terrain, firefighters in Lee County, Virginia, have finally brought an 800-acre wildfire under control (10). Firefighters in North Carolina have been battling a pair of wildfires, one of which is burning in Nantahala National Forest, the other in Jackson County (11); and Georgia Forestry Commission reported a 60-acre wildfire in Catoosa County (12). In Canada, British Columbia's Forest Practices Board has completed the groundwork for preparation of wildfire plans in communities throughout the province (13); while firefighters in Sudbury, Ontario, were called out to a field fire, which was unusual for February (14). A forest fire has blazed across 2 km of timber in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan (15). The next item takes a look back at a 3,000-acre wildfire that raged through a tiger reserve in Nagarhole, India, last week (16); additional fires being reported in Tamil Nadu State (17); prompting environmentalists to blame the State Forest Department for the conflagrations (18); but the state government feels that at least some of the fires may have been deliberately set to draw attention to demands of state employees (19). A bushfire which began in Myanmar is now threatening Thailand's Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary (20); prompting the Northern Royal Rainmaking Center to dispatch aircraft over the raging wildfires which have shrouded Chiang Mai Province in smoke for several days (21). In Victoria, Australia, Loddon Shire finally has some bushfire safer places (22); while the state has allocated $50 million to buy up properties as part of the bushfire buyback plan recommended by the Royal Bushfire Commission (23). The Western Australian government reported that 27 of the 55 recommendations in a report filed by Mick Keelty have been implemented to reduce bushfire danger in the state (24). Tasmania Fire Service continues to battle a 5,000-hectare bushfire burning northwest of Hobart (25); where government officials praised the response of firefighters and communities across the area threatened by the bushfires (26). And finally, our last article provides some fun facts on the fourth most active wildfire region in the US: Staten Island, New York!

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