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Monday, January 03, 2011


An article from San Diego County, California, discusses how insurance reform may help homeowners be better prepared for wildfires (1); while the next story takes a closer look at how a veteran smokejumper from Washington state and a supertanker aided Israel in its recent wildfires (2). Despite dire warnings about the wildfire danger in Texas, providential rains had a dampening effect on the situation as the year ended (3); nevertheless, some wildfires were reported outside of Houston (4). An Op-Ed piece from Montana argues in favor of the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act, a bill which is currently before Congress (5). Wildfire smoke will be fouling the air along Florida's Space Coast for another week or two, according to authorities (6); even as Central Florida braces for more wildfires early in the year (7); where the community of Palm Bay promised firm enforcement of a ban on fireworks in the new year due to the fire danger (8). In Hawaii, the Division of Forestry and Wildlife will keep Mauna Kea Forest Reserve and Kaohe Game Management Area closed to visitors through February due to the wildfire danger (9). A press release looks back on how the Russian government tried to reduce panic in the population during the catastrophic wildfires this past summer by controlling news reports (10). Israel's Prime Minister has pledged $4.2 million to help rebuild infrastructure destroyed in the wildfires outside of Haifa (11); even as it finalizes its plans for a new wildland firefighting force, one which the Prime Minister has indicated will also be used to extinguish fires sparked by terrorist missile attacks (12). A 3,000-acre wildfire caused livestock losses and other agricultural damage in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan (13). A wind-driven bushfire which encroached on New Zealand's Waiuku Forest is now under control (14); while firefighters are performing an evaluation on their performance fighting bushfires on the Otago Peninsula (15). Heading to Australia, over 1,000 Country Fire Authority volunteers are reporting for their first tour of duty as Victoria's bushfire season gets underway (16); but due to the fact that Queensland is unlikely to experience any bushfires of the severity of Victoria's Black Saturday blazes, their government has chosen to adopt some, though not all, of the Royal Bushfire Commission's recommendations (17). Tasmania Fire Service's chief officer asked for the public's help in reducing the incidence of bushfires (18); this coming at a time when numerous bushfires have been accidentally sparked by controlled burns on private property (19). And finally, an article from Northern England raises an interesting question: how do you put out a flaming pond?

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